Charlie Hunnam Declared for Years He Would Never Return as Jax Teller — Now the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Says He Is ‘Exploring the Viability of the Idea’

Charlie Hunnam walked away from the role of Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy back in 2014. After a seven-season run, the show came to an end and Hunnam mourned the loss of a character that had been such an integral part of his life. Then, he declared he had no interest in revisiting Jax and promised he would never put that cut back on. But now, his attitude has seemingly changed.

Charlie Hunnam promotes Shantaram on Jimmy Kimmel Live while also teasing a possible return of Sons of Anarchy’s Jax Teller
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Charlie Hunnam had trouble moving on from ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and Jax Teller

From 2008 to 2014, Hunnam completely committed to Sons of Anarchy and his Jax character. According to Looper, when it was time for Hunnam to say goodbye to Jax, it wasn’t easy. Hunnam actually admitted that he would make excuses to visit the set in the early days after the series wrapped.

“I knew the security guards and for a couple of days said, ‘Oh, I forgot something’,” Hunnam revealed. “So they’d let me onto the set, and I’d just walk around at night because I wanted to be in that environment and go through a personal process of saying goodbye.”

In 2017 — four years after SOA’s finale — Hunnam told Cinema Blend that he had never had an experience of getting so close and so deeply meshed with a character before.

“I felt when I finished Sons that it was a real process to get back to center, and try to exorcize him out of my psyche for as much as possible. Because I’d been living with him for eight years, you know, trying to bring him to life,” Hunnam said.

The ‘Sons of Anarchy’ star is ‘exploring’ the possibility of putting that cut back on

In 2020, Hunnam told People that fans are constantly asking him about reprising the role of Jax, but his answer is always “no.” He made it clear that he “would never, ever put that cut back on.” He added that he wouldn’t put his character’s rings back on, not even for Halloween.

“It was a very deep experience,” he explained. “I lived with that character inside me for years, like, in a very real way. In a way that manifested in ways that I could never even [have] imagined.”

But now, it appears that Hunnam’s opinion on revisiting the character is changing. During a recent discussion with Access Hollywood, Hunnam made a comment that has the internet going crazy.

“I have an idea that I’m exploring in its infancy where [Jax’s return] could be a possibility,” Hunnam said.

Charlie Hunnam says the idea is something to get ‘incredibly excited about’

Despite the fact that Jax met his demise in the Sons of Anarchy finale, Hunnam has apparently come up with an idea that is making him consider a possible return to the role.

“It would be something that I would be incredibly excited about, so we’re sort of, like I said, in the infancy of exploring the viability of the idea,” Hunnam clarified.

The chances of this idea having anything to do with the spinoff Mayans MC are slim, considering it is set three years after Sons of Anarchy.  But, a flashback of some kind could be a possibility. There’s also speculation that this mysterious idea could be a prequel series.

“Wild guess but a prequel series exploring his early years in SAMCRO. There’s definitely a lot of backstory that could be explored and ways they could tie it into Sons of Anarchy,” one fan speculated.

Another said: “Yes please, Charlie! We need more Sons of Anarchy with you in it. More Jax! You’re an awesome actor.”

Sons of Anarchy and Mayans MC are now playing on Hulu. Hunnam’s new series Shantaram debuts on AppleTV+ on October 14.

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