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Singer-songwriter Charlie Puth rose to prominence thanks to the success he found on his YouTube channel. Puth began studying music when he was young, becoming a veritable prodigy by the time he was a teen. After he shot to fame in 2015 thanks to his song “See You Again,” new fans began discovering Puth’s music. And these days, he’s an established artist with a host of new projects on the horizon. Though listeners today appreciate his music, Charlie Puth’s perfect pitch got him in big trouble in high school. 

What is Charlie Puth famous for?

Charlie Puth perfect pitch
Charlie Puth in April 2022 | Michael Tran/AFP via Getty Images

Charlie Puth began earning attention in 2009 when he launched a YouTube channel. Puth released covers of popular songs and entertaining comedy videos on the platform. Eventually, he started releasing original tunes, showing off his skills in composition.

After signing with a major record label, Puth became a star. And his 2015 hit “See You Again” showcased his ability to write a winning song.

In 2016, he released his debut studio album, One Track Mind. According to AllMusic, Puth earned acclaim from critics for his unique ability to blend vintage sounds with contemporary pop stylings. Two years later, he released his second album, Voicenotes. It included songs like “Mother” and “I Warned Myself.” 

Charlie Puth’s perfect pitch got him suspended from school

Puth’s signature is his perfect pitch. The singer can recognize any music note. While that talent has earned him praise from fans and become something of a parlor trick, there was a time when Charlie Puth used his perfect pitch to pull pranks.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Puth revealed he once “let his entire school out early” because he decided to mimic the fire alarm. Puth joked that he got suspended because of the prank.

He liked to test the limits in high school, as he revealed to Jimmy Kimmel this past March. Puth noted he used to test his pitch by “messing” with his teachers. He said he mimicked the sound of his teachers’ cell phones when the devices were set on vibrate. 

When does the singer’s new album come out?


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Charlie Puth is still working hard on new music and has been consistently writing and releasing tunes. He’s also active on TikTok, releasing behind-the-scenes clips for followers.

His latest singles — “Light Switch” and “That’s Hilarious” — have already become fan favorites. And with his new album, Charlie, due out later this year, fans will have plenty of Puth’s music to enjoy in the coming months.

Regarding his upcoming album, Puth told Insider in February that “the one word that comes to mind when I think about this album … when I was making it was ‘revenge.'”

Puth noted that he began to question all of his relationships — personal and professional — and did a lot of introspection to ask himself why certain projects hadn’t resonated the way he had hoped.

“I was coming to terms with who I was for the first time in five years. And that’s what I realized at the end of the album and while I was making ‘Light Switch,'” Puth said.

He’s happy with the direction of his new album, telling Insider: “You make music to make people dance, as cliché as that sounds. But there’s nothing better.”