Charlize Theron Admits She’s Not Easy to Be With

Anyone who works hard to build a career as an A-list actress likely isn’t going to be very accessible, if not easy to live with long-term.

If this sounds like a stereotype of Hollywood, some actors end up living this persona and end up admitting to it. Charlize Theron has recently admitted to this type of life, and let’s admit it’s refreshing to see the candor.

When many actors try to put on a facade that they’re normal, we’ve evolved enough to know they’re really not. In the case of Theron, her admittance of this is perhaps a new transparent form of therapy.

Let’s look at Theron’s love life and whether she’s just being too brutally honest about herself.

Theron’s earliest relationships

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Even before Theron became an official U.S. citizen, she was involved with Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind during the late ’90s/early 2000s. Maybe it sounds typical for an actress to date a rock star, yet Jenkins took it seriously. Maybe Theron knew at the time she isn’t easy to live with, outside of Jenkins perhaps wanting to stay together.

Some of you may remember when Jenkins wrote a number of emotional songs for a Third Eye Blind album that were said to be inspired by former’s relationship with Theron.

In this case, perhaps you can say Theron was the Taylor Swift of her time, without being a songwriter. Without any method of artful venting about her relationships, she tried two more times after breaking up with Jenkins.

Not long after breaking up with latter, she finally became a naturalized American citizen after still being declared South African.

An eight-year affair with an Irish actor

Theron started a relationship with Irish actor Stuart Townsend starting in 2003. This was her most successful relationship to date since they dated for eight years. There was never any sign of them being engaged for marriage, though.

Townsend could have been better known as an actor here in America had he won the role of Aragorn in Lord of the Rings. He was beaten out by Viggo Mortensen, which was perhaps better for Townsend’s relationship with Theron.

During their relationship, she was busy becoming an Oscar winner for Monster while likely creating some competitive discord so often seen in actor marriages.

She adopted a baby boy after the Townsend breakup in 2010 and didn’t give up any notion of a romantic involvement with a fellow actor again.

Did Theron realize she wasn’t easy to live with when dating Sean Penn?

No actress should assume there’s something wrong with them just because they couldn’t make a relationship work with Sean Penn. By the time Theron and Penn started dating in 2013, latter was known for being a bit volatile at times and also not easy to live with by any means.

According to Theron, she recently admitted she doesn’t like clutter and was known to throw out old shoes belonging to a particular boyfriend. Whether this was Penn she was referring to is unknown. Regardless, when you’re a clean freak, it probably can wreak havoc on relationships if the other isn’t quite as obsessive compulsive.

We still wonder if living with Penn for a while was what set Theron off into thinking she can’t hold a relationship with anyone. Now she’s insinuating she’s “shockingly” single and may not be able to stay committed to anyone.

Should we stop pressuring women to marry by a certain age?

Far too many famous women already have to deal with the problem of being asked when they’ll have kids after marriage. Even more of these women face the barrage of being interrogated about when they’ll get married if they haven’t before turning 30.

Theron is now 43 and still hasn’t officially married after almost doing so with Penn. Her comment about not being easy to live with might be used against her in the media to put more pressure on her about marrying before hitting her mid-40s.

With two adopted kids, however, it seems Theron has everything she needs, especially a huge net worth. When a woman finds life bliss like this, let’s let it stay as she wants it than pressuring her into being an outcast if marriage isn’t the best choice.