Chase Stokes Shares the Key to His Relationship With ‘Outer Banks’ Co-Star Madelyn Cline

Outer Banks fans were delighted to learn that heartthrob Chase Stokes and his on-screen girlfriend Madelyn Cline were a couple in reality. 

Fortunately for fans, Stokes shared the secret to what makes his relationship with Cline so strong. 

Chase Stokes Madelyn Cline dating
Chase Stokes & Madelyn Cline | Netflix

John B. and Sarah Cameron are a reality 

In the Netflix series, Stokes plays John B., a Pogue from the Outer Banks on the hunt for his missing father and, subsequently, $400 million in gold. During his adventure, he falls in love with a wealthy Kook, Sarah Cameron, played by Cline. 

While Kooks mingling with Pogues is frowned upon in the fictional society of Outer Banks, it’s John B.’s forbidden relationship with Sarah Cameron that has many fans coming back for more. 

Now, the fictional romance portrayed in the Netflix series has become a reality. On June 14, Stokes revealed on Instagram that he and Cline were officially a couple. 

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Being in quarantine together made fans think Chase and Madelyn were already a couple

Stokes and Cline hunkered down together when the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic put everyone under stay-at-home orders. 

A few other castmates joined them in quarantine, including Drew Starkey, who plays Rafe Cameron, and Rudy Pankow, who plays J.J. 

They decided to stay together because it’s better than being alone. “Through a weird chain of events, we were like ‘Why don’t we do this together?’” Stokes explained to E! News.

While they were living with other members of the cast, many fans were solely interested in the fact that Cline and Stokes were living under the same roof.

Quarantine presented a challenge for the new relationship

Now that Stokes has confirmed his relationship with Cline, he has been more outspoken about their time together in quarantine. 

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“It was like an immediate test,” Stokes explained to Us Weekly in July 2020. “It’s like, ‘Hey, you’re dating. Guess what? Figure it out. You’re stuck.'”

Fortunately, Cline and Stokes were able to make it work. Stokes credits the success of their relationship to solid communication.

Communication is the secret to Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline’s relationship

For Stokes and Cline, being able to talk with one another is essential. 

“We’ve got really great communication,” he explained to Us Weekly. Forming a friendship on the set of Outer Banks helped, too. 

“The cool part is we’ve started a friendship first, which is awesome to be friends before you dive into a relationship.”

Contrary to popular belief, Stokes and Cline met on the set of Outer Banks. Many fans thought the two met during their time on another Netflix series, Stranger Things. But Stokes was featured in season 1, and Cline was in an episode of season 2. 

“We actually never met [on Stranger Things],” Stokes told Life & Style. “She did season 2 — I did season 1, and I was there for, you know, a millisecond. So if you blink, you’ll miss me.” 

Stokes explained how he met Cline just “a week and a half or two weeks” before shooting for Outer Banks began. And as they say, the rest is history! 

Fans are excited to see what the future holds for Cline and Stokes, and even more excited for season 2 of Outer Banks