Chef Rachel Confirms She’s Done With ‘Below Deck’ – Reveals What Happened With Austen From ‘Southern Charm’

Chef Rachel Hargrove from Below Deck offered a few more details about her altercation with Austen Kroll from Southern Charm and confirmed she’s done with Bravo and Below Deck.

Chef Rachel from ‘Below Deck’ met up with Austen in South Florida

Last week, Hargrove posted an article about Kroll and his beer company Trop Hop and  tweeted, “Cheers to the most narcissist’ t*** on Bravo.”  She later explained in a text exchange she had with Bravo PR that Kroll “didn’t like the fact that I don’t party and was doing his whole thing … being an idiot.” And added,  “The guy’s an idiot. Even when him and Shep [went] through my bag on the floor at upfronts while waiting to do dress rehearsal.”

Chef Rachel Hargrove 'Below Deck' cast photo with arms folded. Austen Kroll smiles for a photo with hands in pockets.
Chef Rachel Hargrove and Austen Kroll |Laurent Bassett/Bravo via Getty Images/Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

She recently offered a few more details about what happened. “He was doing this promotional tour with his beer and he was in my hometown and also where I live now,” Hargrove said on Another Below Deck Podcast. “So I ended up joking with him. We had some banter.” Hargrove is originally from Tampa, Florida and currently lives in Ft. Lauderdale.

Rachel reveals what Austen said to her

Hargrove said the promotional meetup went well. “So we met up and I met with his brewing team, but they were amazing,” she recalled. “They were so cool. So I pretty much hung out with those guys the whole night. And then [Kroll] ghosted [me]. Which is fine, you know, whatever.”

“And then he reached back out and was just like, ‘I’m so sorry,’ he apologized. Which just fine. And it’s awesome that he did,” she said. “Then we started texting and I was just like ‘I’m in the middle of doing something I can’t text.’ So we talked on the phone and apparently it was Sunday fun day for him. He was absolutely incoherent and he just said some nasty s*** to me. Which was ‘You’re not funny. You’re just mean.’ And then kept going on and on and on.”

Hargrove added that her connection with Kroll was not romantic. She said they mainly connected because they both were part of the “Bravo family and hey dude, what’s up,” she said.

Chef Rachel Hargrove said she’s done with ‘Below Deck’ and Bravo

Hargrove also said she doesn’t interact with anyone from the network or even Below Deck outside of the show. “I actually ask to be flown into L.A. the night before I film,” she said. “And I do my pick-up interviews and then I fly out. I don’t hang out with anyone.”

“The reason why is the fact that we’re looking at the ramifications for now,” she said referring to her latest social media posts about Kroll and the network.

As for her future on the show, “I’m no longer a fan of the network,” she said. “And I’m no longer a fan of the show.” Adding, “I’m done,” she said referring to Below Deck. “From here on out of this date and into the future.” Hargrove also tweeted, “I will no longer be associated with organizations I don’t believe in.. #belowdeck #bravocon #wwhl #ANTM. Anyone else wants to piss me off this week? Let’s f***ing go….,” she wrote.

Hargrove is anticipated to be the Below Deck chef on season 10, which will be her third consecutive season on the series.

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