Cher and Madonna’s Decades-Long Feud: Why The Queens of Pop Can’t Stand Each Other

Cher and Madonna are two of the biggest names in pop music history. Although they have a great deal in common, there is no love lost between the two cultural icons. Cher has been very open about disliking Madonna, frequently sharing her feelings about the “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” singer.

Here’s why the two women don’t get along and some of the things Cher has said about Madonna over the years. 

Cher publicly slammed Madonna after entertaining the ‘Material Girl’ singer in her home

Cher’s negative opinion of Madonna didn’t stem from watching the singer/actor on screen. She has gotten to know Madonna personally over the years, and she didn’t like the way the “Material Girl” singer behaved when she hosted her.  

Cher opened up about Madonna in a 1991 interview with CBS, saying that the Evita star was “mean” and “rude.”

“There’s something about her that I don’t like. She’s mean. I don’t like that,” Cher said (via Mirror). “I remember having her over a couple of times because Sean [Penn] and I were friends, and she just was so rude to everybody. It seems to me that she’s got so much … she acts like a spoiled brat all the time.”

Cher has been very vocal about her disdain for the ‘Hung Up’ singer

Her CBS interview wasn’t the only time Cher let the world know what she thinks of Madonna. She has brought up her dislike for the Dick Tracy star several times over the years. 

Cher gave Madonna a backhanded compliment during a 1991 interview on the talk show Wogan. “She’s unbelievably creative because she’s not unbelievably talented, she’s not beautiful, but she’s kind of, she’s rude,” Cher said (via Mirror).

She mentioned the “Vogue” singer again during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2018. During a game called “5 Second Rule,” Cher had to answer a series of questions as quickly as possible. When asked which three celebrities she would like to perform a duet with, the Moonstruck star took the opportunity to shade Madonna again. 

“Oh, Adele, Pink, and, uh, um, not Madonna,” Cher quipped. 

Madonna and Cher smile and pose together on a couch.
Madonna and Cher | Kevin Mazur/WireImage

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The ‘I Got You Babe’ singer has also said she ‘respects’ Madonna

Although Cher has made it clear that she’s not very fond of Madonna, she has also said that she respects her as an artist. 

She compared Madonna to Lady Gaga, saying that the “Like A Virgin” singer was ahead of her time. “Gaga’s got ‘it,’ the way Madonna had ‘it,’ something that made you stop and go, ‘What’s that?’” Cher told USA Today in 2013 (via People). “It’s not just crazy clothes. Madonna had her ear to the ground and knew what was coming before anybody else.”

And in a 2013 Reddit AMA, Cher admitted that she respects Madonna, even calling her “one of the most amazing artists [she’s] ever known.” 

When asked by a Reddit user if she hates Madonna, Cher responded, “Madge, no. Actually I don’t. I never hated her, I just thought she was a b—-. Actually I quite respect her.

“Actually I think Madge might be one of the most amazing artists I’ve known. I don’t like everything she does, for sure, but she is always riding the crest of the wave. She always saw trends WAY before anyone else, and had great videos.”