‘Chicago Fire’: Brett and Casey Might Be Getting Cozy Next Season

Chicago Fire is a popular action-drama series, focusing on the personal and professional lives of a unit of the Chicago Fire Department. As the first in Dick Wolf’s Chicago television franchise, Chicago Fire is one of the most successful shows on TV and earns legions of new fans every season. While the show tends to focus on action instead of romance, at the end of season eight, two of the show’s most popular characters seemed to send some signals that they were ready to take their relationship to the next level — and recently, a showrunner weighed in on what fans can expect to see from them and the cast in season nine. 

(L-R) Annie Ilonzeh, Jesse Spencer, and Kara Kilmer smiling in front of a black background
(L-R) Annie Ilonzeh, Jesse Spencer, and Kara Killmer | Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

When did ‘Chicago Fire’ debut on television?

Chicago Fire first premiered on television in 2012 and has been going strong ever since. Although the main cast has gone through some shakeups over the years, fans have always responded well to the cast changes, and the series has made stars out of actors such as Taylor Kinney, Lauren German, and Jesse Spencer. Chicago Fire has earned acclaim from critics and fans regarding the realistic, engaging way that the show highlights often-intense situations and the series never shies away from tough subjects.

The acting has also received top marks, with series regular Joe Minoso consistently getting honored by his peers for his work in the series. Ultimately, Chicago Fire is a series that has proven to be a major force on television, and considering that it was recently renewed for a ninth, tenth, and eleventh season, fans can look forward to much more Chicago Fire drama in the years to come. 

Brett and Casey seemed to be heading for romance at the end of the eighth season

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While fans generally get to experience intense action and drama much more so than romance on Chicago Fire, season eight brought a number of exciting new changes for many of the characters on the show. Kara Killmer, who portrays Sylvie Brett in Chicago Fire, has run the gamut of emotions on the show and has remained popular with fans since she joined the cast in 2014. From recent hints on the show, it seems as though Brett could soon have a new love in her life. 

Towards the end of season eight, Brett started to be featured in many more scenes with Capt. Matt Casey, played by Jesse Spencer. Not only did the two go through several emotional journeys at each other’s side during the course of the season, including dealing with drama stemming from Brett’s birth mother, but they shared many flirty moments. Although they avoided ever actually declaring feelings for each other, many fans believe that the two are on the verge of beginning a romantic relationship. 

Will Brett and Casey get together in season nine of ‘Chicago Fire’?

Recently, executive producer Derek Haas opened up about the season nine premiere of Chicago Fire, set to debut on November 11th. The showrunner stated that the show will “reflect what the world is like in 2020 for Chicago firefighters, pandemic and all,” and that the first two episodes of the season will be particularly telling, warning viewers not to miss those first two episodes, according to TV Insider.

Haas also stated that the final few minutes of the premiere will feature something exciting, saying “don’t miss the premiere’s last 10 seconds.” For fans, this is a strong hint that Brett and Casey could finally declare their feelings for each other, leading to new and interesting story points on Chicago Fire for months to come.