‘Chicago Fire’: What Happened to Hawkins? Jimmy Nicholas Reacts to That Devastating Moment

What a blow. A promo for the October 5 episode of Chicago Fire warned that “someone won’t make it.” But fans of the Dick Wolf drama may not have been prepared for the emotional wallop of “Completely Shattered,” which ended with the loss of one of 51’s own. 

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 4.]

Hawkins died in a massive fire on ‘Chicago Fire’ 

After several bumps in the road, the relationship between Violet (Hanako Greensmith) and Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas) finally seemed to be on the right track. He got a transfer to another firehouse, and they finally felt comfortable taking their romance public. But sadly, happily ever after wasn’t in the cards for the pair. 

As the latest episode of Chicago Fire drew to a close, Brett (Kara Killmer) took Violet and Hawkins out to lunch. But their meal was interrupted when the entire 51 crew was called to respond to a massive blaze at a movie theater. A number of people were trapped inside, and it was all hands on deck to try to save them. Unfortunately, not everyone made it out alive. 

When Hawkins saw a man collapse just as he emerged from the building, he rushed to help. But as he did so, a wall gave way, burying the paramedic field chief and the other man in a pile of rubble. Though the firefighters made a frantic attempt to rescue Hawkins, by the time they got to him, it was too late. A stricken Violet witnessed the entire incident. 

Jimmy Nicholas reacts to his character’s death 

Jimmy Nicholas in uniform as Evan Hawkins in 'Chicago Fire' Season 11 Episode 3
Jimmy Nicholas as Chief Hawkins in ‘Chicago Fire’ | Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC via Getty Images

Nicholas was a relatively new addition to the Chicago Fire cast. He joined the show early in season 10. Still, his character’s death was a serious blow for fans who’d come to love the Hawkins-Violet relationship. 

“I’m am unhappy with that senseless ending for Hawkins and Violet!” one tweeted after the episode aired. 

“What do you guys have against letting couples be happy for more than one season? I felt Violet’s anguish,” another wrote. 

Nicholas also took to social media to acknowledge his character’s unexpected death. 

“I know, I know,” Nicholas wrote in his Instagram Story. “But my girl [Hanako Greensmith] was sensational, wasn’t she?”

The actor also thanked fans for their support. 

“You are all so unbelievably kind,” he tweeted. “I feel truly spoiled and incredibly grateful.”

Meanwhile, Greensmith reacted to the episode with a broken heart emoji on Twitter.

Hawkins’ death forces Violet to ‘navigate some totally new emotional terrain,’ Hanako Greensmith says 

Hanako Greensmith as Violet standing in front of an ambulance in 'Chicago Fire' Season 11 Episode 3
Hanako Greensmith as Violet Mikami in ‘Chicago Fire’ | Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC via Getty Images

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Dealing with the sudden, traumatic loss of Hawkins will undoubtedly be a major challenge for Violet going forward. Greensmith alluded to that in a conversation with NBC Insider that took place before “Completely Shattered’ aired. 

“Violet is gonna have a massive, massive challenge thrown her way that I don’t think anyone was anticipating,” she said. “I know Violet wasn’t anticipating it. You’re gonna have to see her navigate some totally new emotional terrain and professional terrain.”

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. 

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