‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10: Instagram Post Proves Wendy Seager Is Back in New Episodes

NBC’s One Chicago fans are looking forward to seeing their favorite cast members return to Chicago Fire Season 10. Stella Kidd returned to an uncertain Kelly Severide, and it seemed like their relationship was on the rocks. Now, Severide and Kidd are back on good terms — but they could still experience some turmoil if Wendy Seager enters the picture. From the looks of a cast member’s Instagram, it seems Seager will return, too.

Who is Wendy Seager on ‘Chicago Fire’? Andy Allo plays the character

Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide and Andy Allo as Wendy Seager standing next to each other in 'Chicago Fire' Season 10
Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide and Andy Allo as Wendy Seager | Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

Fans watching Chicago Fire Season 10 likely remember Wendy Seager from a season in the past. Andy Allo plays Seager, who’s a Lieutenant for the Office of Fire Investigation. One Chicago Center explains she was first introduced in Chicago Fire Season 8, and she’s known for butting heads with Kelly Severide when it comes to how to manage certain aspects of the job. Additionally, there were inklings of romance between the two characters. Prior to Stella Kidd returning to the firehouse in season 10, it looked like Severide and Seager had an interest in one another.

Showrunner Derek Haas talked about Seager’s working relationship with Severide in an interview. “We’ve been reading a lot of interesting articles about [arson] cases and the way they can go in any direction,” Haas explained to TV Guide. “‘Was it an insurance claim? Was this even arson?’ is, to us, interesting, and then you throw Seager and Van Meter into the mix, and we just think that’s fun. They love Severide. They want him to work there. And that makes it fun for us, to be able to push him into those stories and pull them back out.”

An Instagram post from a ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10 cast member shows Wendy Seager in the mix

Additional clues suggest fans will certainly see more of Wendy Seager in Chicago Fire Season 10. Randy Flagler plays Harold Capp in the show, and he posted a behind-the-scenes four-second video to his Instagram showing himself with other cast members. Miranda Rae Mayo, Joe Minoso, and Tony Ferraris sat at a table in Chicago Fire gear with a balloon celebrating the Winter Olympics. Additionally, Andy Allo was there.

From the looks of the post, it seems the Chicago Fire cast is back on the set to possibly resume filming. According to TVLine, production shut down temporarily on the set due to coronavirus (COVID-19), but production was set to resume in mid-January 2022. Not only that, but the post proves that fans will see more of Wendy Seager.

Derek Haas alluded to more of Seager as well. “You haven’t seen the last of Seager,” he promised during his interview with TVGuide.

Fans appear divided on seeing Seager’s return, though.

“Go USA and go away Seager,” one fan commented on Flagler’s post.

“Why is Seager there? Cause trouble no doubt,” another fan wrote.

When does ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10 return?

When does Chicago Fire Season 10 return to NBC’s regularly scheduled One Chicago programming? According to One Chicago Center, fans will see new episodes on Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022. The Winter Olympics air until Feb. 20, 2022. New episodes of Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med will also air that same night.

Once Chicago Fire Season 10 concludes, fans don’t have to worry about the future of the show, either. NBC and the Chicago Fire creators signed a three-year renewal contract in 2020. This means Chicago Fire Season 11 will absolutely happen next.

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