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NBC’s Chicago Fire Season 11 started off with a bang. The premiere started off with Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide’s honeymoon, and the episode progressed to focusing on Violet Mikami, Chief Evan Hawkins, and Sylvie Brett. Unfortunately, we think at least three potential relationships will end this season. Here’s who might be destined for a permanent breakup.

[Spoiler alert: Chicago Fire Season 11 premiere spoilers ahead.]

Sylvie Brett in 'Chicago Fire' Season 11
Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett | George Burns Jr/NBC

Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey started the Chicago Fire Season 11 premiere as a couple, but ultimately, Brett couldn’t deal with the distance. Matt Casey left to go to Oregon in season 10, and the couple decided to embark on a long-distance relationship. Unfortunately, after Brett saw her ex-fiancé, she decided she couldn’t partake in her relationship with Casey anymore. She called it quits by the end of the episode.

“So no matter how much she loves Casey, and it’s undeniable, she’s making decisions now that are for her own future and for her life with this paramedicine cause, which is really near and dear to her,” co-showrunner Andrea Newman told TVLine about Brett.

While we don’t expect Casey and Brett to ever get back together, co-showrunner Derek Haas said he still hopes for a miracle. “Oh, yes! We’re always hoping those stars align,” he told TVLine.

Violet Mikami and Evan Hawkins likely won’t last

Violet Mikami and Chief Evan Hawkins speaking closely in the dark in 'Chicago Fire' Season 11
Hanako Greensmith as Violet and Jimmy Nicholas as Chief Hawkins | Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC

The Chicago Fire Season 11 premiere showed Violet Mikami and Evan Hawkins reuniting. Violet and Hawkins had a falling out due to the new paramedic, Emma Jacobs, getting into their business — but after Violet heard how Hawkins went to bat for her (and is subsequently getting transferred), she found him to express her gratitude. They ended the premiere together as a couple.

So, will they last? We don’t expect the relationship to go too far, unfortunately. Violet showed a renewed interest in her ex-boyfriend and friend, Blake Gallo, while she wasn’t with Hawkins. This will surely complicate her relationship with Hawkins moving forward, and we expect them to break up.

With this in mind, Andrea Newman is giving fans hope for the couple’s future. “They’re unfettered now,” she told TVLine. “They can be together and be together in public, and it’s a whole new chapter for them, being able to be out in the world as a couple and really explore that together.”

Violet Mikami and Blake Gallo won’t ever date again

Violet Mikami and Blake Gallo in 'Chicago Fire'
Hanako Greensmith as Violet Mikami and Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo | Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

‘Chicago Fire’: Kara Killmer Explained Why Sylvie Brett Didn’t Follow Matt Casey

Violet Mikami and Blake Gallo have a long history. The two have a longstanding friendship, and they once briefly dated. Gallo clearly still wants to date Violet, though Violet is preoccupied with Evan Hawkins. In the past, Violet and Hawkins’ romance was a source of conflict between her and Gallo.

Is there a chance that Violet and Gallo will ever get back together if she and Hawkins don’t work out? The two got closer when Violet and Hawkins briefly weren’t together, but we doubt Gallo and Violet will ever seriously date again. Andrea Newman also told TVLine that Gallo is “moving forward” now.

“No matter his feelings, he locked that part off in his head for Violet, and he’s going to move forward,” she shared.

Chicago Fire Season 11 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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