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Chicago Fire will focus on Stella Kidd and her efforts to become a lieutenant. The wait is over, and her test results are in. Here’s a look at her story line and what else you can expect on this week’s episode of Chicago Fire.

Will Stella Kidd become a lieutenant?

Will Stella Kidd get a promotion?
Will Stella Kidd get a promotion? | Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

During Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 14 (titled “What Comes Next”), Stella finally gets the results of her lieutenant exam. The days before the results came in were nerve-racking. When Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) asks how the test went, Stella says she doesn’t know because she couldn’t get a clear read on any of the testers.

Also, the team at Firehouse 51 fights a fire at a pet food factory. Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Severide help Pete, the owner, figure out what started the fire. In the episode, we’ll also get to see the results of the annual firehouse garage sale. The sneak preview says everyone is on edge. We can’t wait to find out why.

Why plays Stella Kidd on ‘Chicago Fire’?

Miranda Rae Mayo plays Stella Kidd. One of Mayo’s early acting roles was in a 2011 episode of Law & Order: LA titled “El Sereno,” in which she played the character Anna. That same year, she played Emma Hickox in an episode of Inside. Mayo made her film debut in the 2015 movie The Girl in the Photographs. She is also known for her appearances in Blood & Oil, Pretty Little Liars, Days of Our Lives, and The Game.

What happened last time on ‘Chicago Fire’

During Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 13, the story line focuses on Stella and her efforts to save a young girl’s life. At first, Stella has no idea who the caller is. She thinks she recognizes the voice, so she enlists the help of one of her Girls on Fire trainees.

“She doesn’t know who it is,” Mayo tells TV Line. “It’s kind of muffled when [the call] comes through, and she doesn’t think much of it, and it turns out to be a dire situation. So, then we see her, essentially, trying to navigate some type of help with very little information.”

Stella eventually discovers the girl is named Aliyah. She used to be part of her Girls on Fire group, but she left early in the program. Unfortunately, her brother is involved in a gang and she gets caught up in one of their disputes. They threaten to kill Aliyah, so she calls the firehouse and asks for Stella. She is able to identify Aliyah’s location with the help of Severide and Boden (Eamon Walker), saving the girl and her brother from being murdered by the gang.

What else is happening in the One Chicago universe

A lot has been happening on sister show Chicago Med. During Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 13 (titled “What a Tangled Web We Weave”), Dr. Natalie Manning stole a box of pills that were supposed to be returned to the pharmaceutical company (Kender). Natalie has been trying to hide her secret from everyone. Unfortunately, she begins pushing her boyfriend, Dr. Crockett Marcel, away. They’re now on a break.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays on NBC at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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