‘Chicago Med’: Will Natalie and Crockett Last?

Chicago Med’s Natalie and Crockett took a big step in their relationship. Things are starting to get serious pretty quickly. Can their relationship really stand up against the pressures of a busy hospital? Here’s our take on Chicago Med’s latest couple.

Natalie and Crockett get an unpleasant surprise on ‘Chicago Med’

Torrey DeVitto as Natalie Manning and Dominic Rains as Crockett Marcel
Torrey DeVitto as Natalie Manning and Dominic Rains as Crockett Marcel | Elizabeth Sisson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

During Season 6, Episode 9 (titled “For the Want of a Nail”), Dean Archer causes trouble for Natalie and Crockett. Dean makes a medical decision about a patient that Natalie doesn’t agree with, so she calls in Crockett. She asks him to do her a favor and consult with Dean’s patient without his permission.

Dean later speaks to Natalie and Crocket and says he doesn’t appreciate being “double doctored.” He mentions that he knows they’re dating. He says their personal relationship is getting in the way of their work performance. Even if Dean is right, the real reason he brought up their romantic relationship is because he felt disrespected. He was angry that Natalie and Crockett went over his head and treated a patient who wasn’t under their care.

Dean makes everything about him

Dean decides to go to Choi and reveal Natalie and Crockett’s relationship. Choi tells them that if they’re dating, they have to report it to human resources. This puts them in an uncomfortable position. They’re now forced to go public with their relationship. All of their colleagues will know their personal business. Crockett doesn’t seem to have a problem with this, but Natalie has reservations.

At first, Natalie doesn’t want to go to human resources because she’s afraid of what people will think. Crockett picks up on this and gets offended. At that point, it looks like they could break up over this. Natalie changes her mind and decides to fill out the form disclosing their personal relationship. Everything seems fine–at least for now.

Once everyone is made aware Natalie and Crockett are dating, this could cause relationship problems. Colleagues might treat them differently or ask inappropriate questions. The attention they’ll likely receive might be too much for Natalie. Crockett will probably brush it off, but Natalie might decide she can’t handle it.

Will Halstead might not react well

Another issue is Natalie’s past relationship with Will Halstead. This public declaration of her relationship status could ignite major jealousy on Will’s end. He and Crockett clashed before when Natalie’s mother was in the hospital. If their interaction is any indication of what’s to come, Natalie and Crockett are going to have a tough time.

On the other hand, this situation might push Will to continue his pursuit of Dr. Sabeena Virani. He asked her out before, but it didn’t seem like much happened afterward. It doesn’t seem like Will is completely over Natalie. Her new relationship could cause Will to try to get over her by getting into another serious relationship.

Will doesn’t think things through, so if he does pursue Sabeena, this relationship will most likely crash and burn. If Natalie and Crockett don’t work out, and Will and Sabeena don’t work out, could we see a reunion between Natalie and Will?

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