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Chicago P.D. isn’t just any police procedural. It’s an integral part of co-creator Dick Wolf’s interconnected Chicago franchise. The show is a spinoff of Chicago Fire and was followed by Chicago Med, allowing these three series to intertwine.

So it’s no wonder the castmates have developed into a kind of family. For instance, Chicago P.D. star Amy Morton revealed she does a pitch-perfect impression of co-star Jason Beghe.

'Chicago P.D.' star Amy Morton as Trudy Platt
Amy Morton as Trudy Platt | Lori Allen/NBC/Getty Images

Jason Beghe played Hank Voight on ‘Chicago P.D.’ since 2014

As the leader of the Chicago P.D.’s Intelligence Unit, Beghe’s Sergeant Hank Voight has long served as the centerpiece of the show. The character has remained one of the few cast members who has stayed on Chicago P.D. throughout its run. In the meantime, many others have come and gone. But Hank remains a persistent presence.

Now in his tenth consecutive year on Chicago P.D., it’s easy to see why Beghe’s distinctive presence has continued to keep fans coming back. The actor has an air of confidence and mystery about him in this role. And his raspy voice makes him an appealing character no matter what story he finds himself in. It’s this aspect that Morton honed in on recently.

Amy Morton does a solid impression of her longtime co-star

In a video on the One Chicago YouTube channel – “One Chicago” is the collective name applied to Wolf’s Chicago universe crossovers – Morton and co-stars Marina Squerciati and Tracy Spiridakos answer a bunch of rapid-fire questions.

When the question of who does the best Beghe impression pops up, Squerciati was quick to point to Morton, who has happy to oblige. “Why don’t you decide?” Morton said directly into the camera in her best Beghe impression.

Given her history on Chicago P.D., it’s no surprise Morton had that impression ready to go. After all, her tenure on the show runs back to its first season. After a recurring presence, Morton was promoted to the main cast from season 2 onward. And her Sergeant Trudy Platt has been there ever since.

What will the future hold for ‘Chicago P.D.’ in season 10?


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With Chicago P.D. Season 10 now underway, fans are curious to see what twists and turns the series will have in store. Although Chicago Fire predates it by two years, this show is now reaching the point where it may need to shake things up in order to stay fresh. By all accounts, Beghe and other longtime stars are hanging around for the long term.

But that’s the unpredictable side of police procedural shows. With the constant danger these characters are in, the writing team could throw viewers a shocking surprise at any time. There’s no telling who might exit or who might show up. But Chicago P.D. fans will certainly be there to see if Morton’s Beghe impression finally earns the right to appear on the show itself.