‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 10: Fans Find Clues That an Officer Gets Promoted to Detective

NBC’s One Chicago shows return this fall, and fans can’t wait to see what happens on Chicago P.D. Season 10. A new behind-the-scenes look from Kevin Atwater actor LaRoyce Hawkins shows several of the Intelligence Unit officers in uniform, prompting fan speculation that a promotion might be in order. Here’s what fans think will happen in the new season.

LaRoyce Hawkins posted a behind-the-scenes look at ‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 10

'Chicago P.D.' Season 10 cast member LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater
Kevin Atwater in ‘Chicago P.D.’ | Lori Allen/NBC

LaRoyce Hawkins will return for Chicago P.D. Season 10 as Kevin Atwater. Atwater’s storyline in Chicago P.D. Season 9 surrounded his relationship with Celeste, and he also dealt with what being a cop really means to him moving forward. More recently, he posted a sneak peek to his Instagram of what’s to come for season 10.

The sneak peek posted to Hawkins’ Instagram Stories shows him, Patrick John Flueger, and Jesse Lee Soffer wearing official uniforms. The image, captured and posted to Reddit, shows the men looking very official. Hawkins confirmed the formal attire is for the new season.

Screen Rant notes the official uniforms don’t come out often in Chicago P.D. In the past, the Intelligence Unit wore them during funerals or promotions. Other cast members from the new season, like Jesse Lee Soffer and Tracy Spiridakos, posted their own BTS moments from the upcoming season, but neither of them showed the official uniforms that Hawkins did.

Fans think an Intelligence Unit officer will get promoted to detective in the new season

Tracy Spiridakos and Jesse Lee Soffer in 'Chicago P.D.' Season 9
Tracy Spiridakos and Jesse Lee Soffer | Lori Allen/NBC

Screen Rant mentions the official uniforms shown in LaRoyce Hawkins’ Instagram post could indicate a funeral will happen in Chicago P.D. Season 10. But fans on Reddit think a member of the Intelligence Unit is receiving a promotion to detective. With Hawkins at the forefront of the photo and him questioning his place within the unit, he might be the one to snag the promotion.

“My guess: One (or all) of the Intelligence officers (Kim, Adam, Kevin) is either receiving an award or getting promoted to detective for the drug bust they made at the end of last season … but I suppose we’ll have to wait to find out for sure,” a Reddit user wrote.

“I still say Kim, Ruzek, AND Atwater make detective because of that drug bust,” another Reddit user mentioned, referring to the end of Chicago P.D. Season 9. “I mean, Kim should’ve made detective years ago with her record. It may be unlikely to happen IRL, but on TV, sure, and IRL, they all would have been detectives long ago.”

Who is returning to the ‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 10 cast?

Who will fans see returning to the Chicago P.D. Season 10 cast?

Given the photo LaRoyce Hawkins shared, it’s safe to say he, Jesse Lee Soffer, and Patrick John Flueger are on board for the next season. Marina Squerciati also posted a photo of her first days back on set, and so did Tracy Spiridakos. Amy Morton and Jason Beghe are also expected to return.

Deadline reports Benjamin Levy Aguilar has also been promoted to series regular. Aguilar played Dante Torres, whom fans saw later in season 9. He enters the Intelligence Unit as a rookie.

Chicago P.D. Season 10 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022, at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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