‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9: 3 Burning Questions We Still Need Answered After the Premiere

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  • Chicago P.D. Season 9 questions: Will Jay Halstead find out about Hailey Upton killing Roy?
  • Is Kim Burgess going to die?
  • Do Hailey Upton or Hank Voight go to jail or lose their badges?

[Spoiler alert: Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episode 1 spoilers ahead.]

Jay Halstead sitting in a car in 'Chicago P.D.' Season 9
Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead | Lori Allen/NBC

Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episode 1 brought viewers right back to where we left off during the Chicago P.D. Season 8 finale. Jay Halstead answered Hailey Upton’s proposal, we got updates on Kim Burgess’s health, and we heard Hank Voight talking to Upton about their next moves. But we still have plenty of burning questions regarding what’s coming next for the P.D. crew.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9: Will Jay Halstead learn what Hailey Upton did to Kim Burgess’s shooter?

Fans want to know if Kim Burgess is going to die after what occurred in the Chicago P.D. Season 8 finale. To recap, Burgess was shot twice in the stomach by Roy, but she managed to make it to the hospital alive. Then, Hailey Upton and Hank Voight caught up with Roy. While Upton had every intention of taking Roy in alive, she shot him dead after he reached for a gun and could’ve killed Voight.

Now, Upton and Voight have to grapple with the aftermath — and neither of them have told the rest of their unit.

The beginning of Chicago P.D. Season 9 revisits Hailey Upton’s proposal to Jay Halstead. By the end of the episode (and after much confusion), he accepts. But what will happen when he learns of what Upton did?

“They are both complicit in the cover-up, and consequences could fall down hard on them both,” executive producer Rick Eid promises, TV Insider reports.

Is Kim Burgess going to die?

Kim Burgess, a member of the 'Chicago P.D.' Season 9 cast, against a dark blue background
Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess | Art Streiber/NBC

After watching the Chicago P.D. Season 9 premiere, fans still want to know if Kim Burgess is going to die. At the beginning of episode 1, we see Ruzek and the other P.D. members at the hospital to check on Burgess. And the doctors explain she’s in stable condition, but she still has a lot of trauma to her midsection.

What the hell does that mean?” Ruzek asks the doctor after hearing about Burgess’s “internal trauma.” “You gotta tell me — is she gonna make it, or not?”

The doctor indicated he doesn’t know what’s to come for Burgess. But he does note she could have to stay on life support given her extensive injuries. By the end of the episode, we see her talking and smiling with Ruzek, though, so there’s a good chance she’ll make it out alive.

Does Hank Voight go to jail or lose his badge? What about Hailey Upton?

Hank Voight from 'Chicago P.D.' Season 9 sitting in uniform in a cop car
Jason Beghe as Hank Voight | Lori Allen/NBC

‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9 Teaser Trailer Hints Kim Burgess Is in for a Rough Recovery

Finally, the Chicago P.D. Season 9 premiere showed the Intelligence Unit searching for Roy given what occurred with Kim Burgess. Additionally, Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller remains adamant she must know where Roy is due to what occurred with her son. Hank Voight and Hailey Upton continued to lie and pretend they didn’t have any idea regarding Roy’s whereabouts. When Upton had a chance of catching up to a suspect who knew she killed Roy, she purposely held back.

At the end of the premiere, the Intelligence Unit is left searching for Roy, and Voight and Upton continue to keep the truth to themselves. Miller called in the FBI for help, and Voight tells Upton this worked out for the better.

“This case is closed, and we’re done,” Voight says. “It’s over. Miller called in the Feds, and they’ll put his face on a wall, monitor his ID and credit cards, but they will never see or hear a thing.”

Could this be true? Executive producer Eid said “consequences could fall down hard” on Voight and Upton this season, so we’ll have to wait and see if either of them lose their badges or go to jail.

Chicago P.D. Season 9 airs every Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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