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Chicago P.D. Season 9 is heating up as the Intelligence Unit and federal agents want answers about Roy Walton’s death. Roy attacked and shot Kim Burgess in Chicago P.D. Season 8. As a result, Hailey Upton and Hank Voight secretly did away with him. Now, Kevin Atwater actor LaRoyce Hawkins is sharing how he thinks Atwater may react to the secrets.

What happened to Roy on ‘Chicago P.D.’? Hailey Upton, Hank Voight, and Jay Halstead knew the truth first

Jay Halstead, Hailey Upton, and Hank Voight in 'Chicago P.D.' Season 9
Jay Halstead, Hailey Upton, and Hank Voight | Lori Allen/NBC

So, who is Roy on Chicago P.D.? At the end of season 8, Hank Voight found Roy to rough him up without telling the rest of the unit, and Hailey Upton found Voight with Roy. While Upton attempted to get Voight to arrest Roy and take him in as procedure dictates, Roy went for Voight’s gun. Upton shot and killed Roy on the spot, and Voight secretly got rid of Roy’s body. The two decided to not tell anybody about what occurred.

Jay Halstead realized something was up with Upton, though. After she stopped eating and sleeping, he got the truth from Voight. As a result, Halstead and Upton are not currently on good terms — and it seems the secret could have dire consequences on their engagement.

In Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episode 8, federal agents begin to question Upton. It seems they believe she covered up the murder of Roy, though they don’t appear to think she killed Roy herself.

Kevin Atwater actor LaRoyce Hawkins explained how Atwater may react to Roy’s death

LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater in 'Chicago P.D.' Season 9
LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater in ‘Chicago P.D.’ | Lori Allen/NBC

As of Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episode 7, only Jay Halstead, Hailey Upton, and Hank Voight know the truth about Roy’s death. But eventually, the truth will come out to Kim Burgess, Adam Ruzek, Kevin Atwater, and everyone else. Atwater actor LaRoyce Hawkins discusses what that moment will be like for his character.

“He doesn’t know exactly what yet, but there are familiar feelings of secrecy and intensity that he’s noticing between people in his unit that he doesn’t know how to define yet,” Hawkins told TVInsider. ” … Depending on what he actually finds out, who’s to say [how he’ll react]? That’s also why you see Atwater doing his best to create separation if he can, separation from the badge, so the things that he’s investing in have nothing to do with that just in case he can’t be seen with these people. We got our dirt. We are not a clean unit.”

Is Kevin Atwater leaving ‘Chicago P.D.’ due to Roy’s death?

'Chicago P.D.' Season 9 cast member Kevin Atwater against a blue background in episode 5
LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater in ‘Chicago P.D.’ | Lori Allen/NBC

‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9: Kim Burgess Actor Wants ‘Someone Else to Come Along’ Romantically Who’s Not Adam Ruzek

Given what LaRoyce Hawkins shared, it seems Kevin Atwater knows something’s up. So, would Kevin Atwater leave Chicago P.D. in the wake of such a huge secret kept from him?

It seems fans can relax, as Atwater is likely here to stay. According to One Chicago Center, Hawkins hasn’t mentioned anything about moving on from the show. And there’s plenty more to explore with Atwater’s current storyline. In the episode “Burnside,” Atwater met a new love interest, Celeste. And the showrunner Rich Eid teased the relationship will get a lot more complicated moving forward, which means there’s plenty more to come.

“He meets a dynamic young woman, and their bond is fun and really unique,” Eid told TVLine. “For Atwater, it’s a welcome, needed respite. It also becomes this safe space for the pair to be their true selves. But of course, things will be complicated, as any relationship on this show tends to be. It’ll be a great ride for his character.”

Chicago P.D. Season 9 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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