‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9: Adam Ruzek Actor ‘Can’t Imagine’ What Would Happen if Kim Burgess Moved On

Chicago P.D. Season 9 fans continue to keep a close eye on what’s going on with Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess. The on-again, off-again couple have had their ups and downs since the humble beginnings of the show, and it’s clear they’re rekindling old feelings. More recently, Ruzek actor Patrick John Flueger remaked on what he thinks may happen if either Burgess or Ruzek moves on romantically with someone else. Here’s what he said.

Are Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess back together? Their relationship grows in ‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9

Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess lying on a couch together in 'Chicago P.D.' Season 9
Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess | Matt Dinerstein/NBC

The Chicago P.D. Season 9 premiere saw major trouble for Kim Burgess. During the Chicago P.D. Season 8 finale, Burgess was shot twice by Roy, and she miraculously survived after playing dead. The start of season 9 begins with her in the hospital, and Adam Ruzek rushes to her to see if she’ll make it.

While Burgess’s situation was touch and go at the beginning, she makes a swift recovery. And it seems rekindled feelings for Ruzek came with that recovery. Ruzek brought Burgess’s adopted daughter, Makayla, into the hospital to see her mother during recovery. And Ruzek continued to help care for Makayla while Burgess couldn’t.

So, are Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess back together? It’s still complicated. But actor Marina Squerciati still has hope. “I think there’s always hope for them,” Squerciati told TV Insider. “They’re the eternal couple. They probably will get married in season 15, but who knows? They can’t seem to get their stuff together.”

Adam Ruzek actor Patrick John Flueger said he ‘can’t imagine’ what would occur if other love interests appeared

Adam Ruzek from 'Chicago P.D.' Season 9 in 'Chicago P.D.' Season 8
Adam Ruzek from ‘Chicago P.D.’ | Lori Allen/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

While Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek seem to get closer and closer as Chicago P.D. Season 9 carries on, there’s always the possibility of other romantic interests entering the scene. And actor Patrick John Flueger noted he “can’t imagine” what would happen if either Ruzek or Burgess got a new romantic partner.

“I can’t imagine what it would be like if someone else was introduced, if he dated a gal or she started dating a guy,” Flueger told Hello!. “I can’t imagine that would go over very well with either characters but that’s an interesting story device in that situation where they do try to figure out in fast forward.”

Flueger also discussed how Ruzek appears to be switching up what he values in life as season 9 progresses. The character’s trying to “strike a consistently supportive and yet not overbearing balance,” with Burgess, the actor commented.

“[Working for the police] was a big part of his life and he wanted to succeed in the job,” Flueger added. “Every time he jumps out of the car he is doing the best by the people he is trying to protect. But I think he is finally taking a step back — especially after what happened to Kim and him stepping up with Makayla.”

Patrick John Flueger also remarked on Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess’s ‘adult relationship’

Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek in 'Chicago P.D.' Season 9
Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek in ‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9 | Lori Allen/NBC

It seems promising that Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess will find a way to stay together in Chicago P.D. Season 9. Flueger spoke to CinemaBlend about the bond the characters share. And he commented about the “incredibly adult relationship” that brings them together.

“I feel like they have an incredibly adult relationship,” Flueger said. ” … You got to give and then you got to take and you got to push and you got to pull. And I kind of love that they’re telling that storyline for us. But you know, it’s not going to get any less complicated. They have very complicated lives, because of their jobs. And because they work together in those very complicated and dangerous jobs.”

Chicago P.D. Season 9 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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