‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9: Will Antonio Dawson Return?

Chicago P.D. Season 9 is coming soon. And fans can’t wait to see which of their favorite characters are back on the small screen. The One Chicago show follows the Chicago Police Department’s patrol officers and Intelligence Unit. Now, fans are wondering if Antonio Dawson, a fan favorite from seasons prior, will return in season 9. Here’s what we know about the Chicago P.D. cast in the future.

Detective Antonio Dawson actor Jon Seda left the ‘Chicago P.D.’ cast at the end of season 6

Jon Seda played Detective Antonio Dawson as part of the Chicago P.D. cast, and fans would love to see him return in Chicago P.D. Season 9. Dawson was appointed by Hank Voight, and he typically led the unit in Voight’s absences. Later on in the series, Dawson became a leading investigator for the Chicago Justice Department, though he later returned to Intelligence, the Chicago P.D. Wiki reminds us.

Unfortunately for Dawson fans, the detective falls into a drug habit in season 6 — and many fans are disappointed with the way his story wrapped. Distractify notes season 6 showed Dawson seeking help for his drug addiction. Later on, it’s revealed Voight also helped Dawson seek treatment without getting him into trouble with the law or ruining his career.

While Seda’s character hasn’t been on the show since the end of season 6, it seems production had plans for him to join season 7. Producer Rick Eid said the character’s storyline was supposed to wrap in season 7 episode 3, which certainly would’ve given fans more time to process Dawson’s departure. Unfortunately, Seda was the one who wanted to be done.

“It’s been an honor portraying Det. Antonio Dawson in the #OneChicago world,” Seda tweeted. “To my cast #Family, I’ll always treasure the time and stories we shared. To all you #chihards out there, THANK YOU for being the best of fans! We’ll Always have CHICAGO.”

Is Antonio Dawson coming back to ‘Chicago P.D’ Season 9?

Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson in 'Chicago P.D.' sitting alone.
Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson in ‘Chicago P.D.’ | Matt Dinerstein/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

There’s no doubt fans wanted more from Seda’s storyline as a Chicago P.D. cast member. Is there any chance his character could return for Chicago P.D. Season 9?

While producers seemed to love Seda, it doesn’t look like his character will return. According to Deadline, Seda may have felt like his character ran his course, thus he wanted to move on to new projects. And it seemed he did just that. Deadline reports Seda took on a role in a new NBC drama, La Brea. The new show films in Australia, which would make it quite hard for Seda to film with Chicago P.D.

The publication reports La Brea follows the story of what happens when a massive sinkhole in Los Angeles tears apart a family. The family must work to survive, and some family members end up in an “unexplainable primeval world” with strangers.

NBC listed members of the season 9 cast

Antonio Dawson with Hank Voight and Kim Burgess, characters in 'Chicago P.D' Season 9
Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson, Jason Beghe as Hank Voight, Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess in ‘Chicago P.D.’ | Matt Dinerstein/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

While Antonio Dawson’s likely not returning for Chicago P.D. Season 9, we’ll see plenty of returning characters.

NBC notes Jason Beghe will return as Sergeant Hank Voight, of course. Lisseth Chavez will return as Officer Vanessa Rojas, Patrick John Flueger comes back as Officer Adam Ruzek, LaRoyce Hawkins returns as Officer Kevin Atwater, Amy Morton returns as Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt, Jesse Lee Soffer comes back as Detective Jay Halstead, Tracy Spiridakos returns as Detective Hailey Upton, and Marina Squerciati will certainly come back as Officer Kim Burgess.

If Seda ever does want to return, it seems there’s a seat at the Chicago P.D. cast table with his name on it. “I think the door’s always open for someone like Jon,” Eid said. “Everybody here loves him, thinks he’s a great actor.

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