‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9: Hailey Upton Actor Says Lying to Jay Halstead is ‘Eating Away’ at Upton

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  • Jay Halstead’s response to Hailey Upton’s proposal in Chicago P.D. Season 9
  • Lying to Jay Halstead is “eating away” at Hailey Upton
  • Will their relationship last?

[Spoiler alert: Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episode 1 spoilers ahead for Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton.]

Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton in 'Chicago P.D.' Season 9
Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton | Lori Allen/NBC

Chicago P.D. Season 9 is finally here, and fans find out how Jay Halstead answers Hailey Upton’s proposal. The complicated partners-to-lover dynamic will assuredly get even more complex as the season progresses. And Upton actor Tracy Spiridakos said Upton’s lies to Halstead continue to eat at her as the season goes on. Here’s what she said.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9 showed Jay Halstead’s response to Hailey Upton’s proposal

Viewers who watched the Chicago P.D. Season 8 finale finally have an answer to what happens with Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton. During the finale, Upton proposes to Halstead out of nowhere, catching Halstead off guard. He doesn’t answer her immediately, leaving the season on a cliffhanger. Now, in Chicago P.D. Season 9, Halstead finally answers Upton — but first, he asks if the proposal has anything to do with Kim Burgess getting shot.

“Maybe,” Upton tells Halstead, “but why does that matter? I love you. … Maybe it took Kim getting shot to give me the courage to tell you that.”

After giving it some thought, Halstead tells Upton, “Yes.” And he then gets down on one knee to propose himself, claiming he’s “old fashioned” and wanted to do it this way. The two end the Chicago P.D. Season 9 premiere embracing.

Tracy Spiridakos said lying to Jay Halstead is ‘eating away’ at Hailey Upton

Adam Ruzek standing behind Hailey Upton in 'Chicago P.D.' Season 9
Hailey Upton in ‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9 | Lori Allen/NBC

While Kim Burgess’s near-death experience may have something to do with Upton’s proposal, it’s much more likely Hailey Upton’s situation with Hank Voight is what pushed her to propose in the Chicago P.D. Season 8 finale. In season 8, Upton killed Roy, the man who shot Burgess, after he went for a gun that Voight put within his reach. Voight and Upton didn’t tell anyone about Roy’s death, though. Instead, Voight got rid of the body, and they both continue to act as if he’s still on the loose.

Eventually, it sounds like Hailey Upton and Jay Halstead will have to have a conversation about Roy. And Spiridakos notes the truth is “eating away” at Upton.

“It’s eating away at her,” Spiridakos told TVLine, “and Halstead starts to notice that something’s off with her and continues to ask.”

Spiridakos then hints Halstead learns the truth in Chicago P.D. Season 9 — and it could jeopardize everything. “They very much deeply care for each other, and this whole thing is definitely going to affect their dynamic,” she explained.

Will Upton and Halstead’s relationship last?

So, will Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton remain close through Chicago P.D. Season 9 despite Upton’s past? We’ll have to wait and see what exactly occurs, but Spiridakos noted she believes these two have a lasting romance that can withstand the trouble coming.

“I do think that they’re in it for the long haul,” Spiridakos said.

Spiridakos also talked to TV Insider about Upton’s future — and she hinted we’ll continue to see her character “unravel” throughout the season. “Upton definitely struggles,” she told the publication. “The guilt of it all and keeping it a secret from Burgess, keeping it a secret from Halstead, is a struggle and we see her kind of unravel throughout. We’re only on episode 5 so far, but from what I understand, we see that struggle continue for her for a while.”

Chicago P.D. Season 9 airs every Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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