Chilli of TLC Hasn’t Given up on Finding Love

Chilli of TLC has had much musical success, but she has yet to find her life partner. She’s most known for her relationship with Usher and her quest for love in a VH1 reality series. The singer says she hasn’t given up on love but refuses to settle for less than what she deserves from a man.

Chilli on stage
Chilli of the group TLC performs at Nelly, TLC and Flo Rida In Concert 2019 | Prince Williams/Wireimage

The singer wants love but refuses to settle for any man

Chilli gets a lot of compliments on her youthful appearance. One fan commented on an Instagram video of her performing a choreographed routine to an Afrobeats song asking why she is not married. Chilli set the record straight that it’s not because she doesn’t get approached. 

“Because I’m not into settling for bull[s–t]” she wrote. “I haven’t met the ONE in my league yet….he’s a rare find like myself. U take care now.” The exchange was captured on Hollywood Unlocked’s Instagram page via screenshot. 

For those interested in snagging Chilli’s heart, she previously opened up about what she’s looking for in a man while filming the VH1 reality series Girls Cruise“I like pretty men. Gotta be a Christian,” she said in one episode. “But then you could meet somebody that has all the most amazing things that you like and there’s no connection at all.”

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At the time, she’d recently experienced heartbreak and opted to become celibate and focus on herself, her career, and her adult son. “I met a soulmate and it’s the only soulmate I ever met. I haven’t met another,” she said. “The connection was something I’d never experienced before. Never. “I’ve been in love, I’ve had heartbreak and I just made a choice to not want to deal with that. I love being a mom and working, and if one day I meet this most amazing man to be a part of my happiness then that would be amazing. And if not, I’m still good.”

Chilli previously dated Dallas Austin and Usher

The TLC star has had two high-profile relationships. She dated the group’s producer, Austin, on and off for nearly a decade. The two share a son, Tron. Their relationship was riddled with infidelity on Austin’s part. She even had an abortion at the start of her success with TLC and admits she stayed with Austin feeling the need to have another baby with him.

Amo Mama reports that Chilli explained how her abortion impacted her mental health. “It messed me up and broke my spirit,” she said. “I felt like a gave in, and I broke to what someone else wanted. I cried every day for nine years and stayed with Austin to become pregnant again because the baby I didn’t have was with him.”

Source: YouTube

They split shortly after Tron was born and according to Austin, she moved on to Usher. In an interview with Angela Yee on FOX Soul, Austin revealed that Chilli ended things with him for good when she began dating Usher, even after he begged her to come back to him. Austin said:

I wanted to kill everybody because honestly, I was friends with Usher too. We’re two different people. We always have been. But it was crazy because I moved to Miami. I was just so fed up. ‘I got to get out of Atlanta. Things are going too crazy.’ I moved to Miami, I sat up in that house. Me and her first broke up then. I started working on music in Miami, in this house where I set up all my equipment. But by the time I called and said, ‘Hey, let’s be together in Miami.’ She said, ‘No, no, no. It’s a wrap. I’m done.’

Usher and Chilli ended things after dating for about three years. She’s publicly referred to him as a great love of her life.

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