Chris Evans Admitted There Is Only One Reason He Joined Instagram

n September 2020, Chris Evans’s Instagram account turned unexpectedly controversial. The Avengers star almost broke the internet when he accidentally shared a nude photo of himself. While he quickly deleted the Instagram story, fan reactions ran the gamut. While Evans’s feed could turn accidentally risqué at any moment, overall, the profile is pretty wholesome. There is a good reason for that. Evans is only on Instagram because of his dog.  

Chris Evans rescued his dog from a shelter featured in the 2017 film Gifted

Evans’s dog, Dodger, is clearly the star of his Instagram and his life at the moment. The pup came into the movie star’s life in a pretty interesting way, and they’ve been inseparable since. The whole thing was seemingly serendipitous.

Chris Evans attends the premiere of Lionsgate's "Knives Out" at Regency Village Theatre
Chris Evans | Alberto E. Rodriguez/FilmMagic

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Evans wasn’t really looking for a dog when he happened upon Dodger. According to The Bark, Evans spotted Dodger at a shelter during the filming of Gifted. He didn’t know the dogs were up for adoption, though. Initially, he thought the dogs were actors. When he found out they were all dogs that needed homes, he adopted Dodger. That was way back in 2015, and they’ve been hanging out together ever since.

13 of Chris Evans’ Instagram posts feature his dog

Evans has picked an aesthetic for his Instagram feed, and it’s all about his dog. The star joined the platform in May and has posted just 36 photos thus far. Of those 36 pictures, 13 of them are of his dog. Fans are totally there for it, too.

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Dodger isn’t the only dog in his life, though. This weekend, Evans hung out with Aly Raisman and her newly adopted dog, Mylo. Dodger came along for the ride and had an interesting playdate with Raisman’s four-month-old puppy. Raisman announced the pet adoption in October.

Dodger was the inspiration behind Evans finally joining Instagram

The number of posts about Dodger should come as no surprise. Evans admitted he signed up for Instagram so he could share snapshots of his pooch. During the height of Quarantine, Evans made a splash on the photo-sharing platform and discussed the decision to join during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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According to Elle, Evans told Fallon that he only joined Instagram so he could share pictures of his dog. He said, “I feel like such an old man; I feel so late to the party. You know what it is? I had too many good pictures of my dog. I was like, ‘They’re being wasted in my phone. I need to put these somewhere.”