Chris Evans Is a Fan of 1 Sweet ‘The Office’ Jim and Pam Moment, Starts a Twitter Trend After Tweeting About It

Chris Evans is a fan of The Office and his tweet about Jim and Pam kicked off a Twitter trend that had people praising his good taste. It all started when Evans took to Twitter to share his love for a sweet Jim and Pam moment he called “good stuff.”

'The Office' characters Jim and Pam, played by Jenna Fischer and John Krasinsk,i sit in chairs and smile at each other.
Jim and Pam on ‘The Office’, played by Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski | Justin Lubin/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Chris Evans tweeted about ‘The Office’ and started a Twitter trend

On Oct. 23, Evans took to Twitter to share his thoughts about a sweet Jim and Pam moment from The Office’s fifth season. Evans’ praise for the scene in The Office episode titled “Baby Shower” made it clear that he’s a big fan of the series.

“When Jim and Pam are having an off day but at the end of the episode they’re both leaving each other messages talking about the same things,” he tweeted. “Good stuff.”

It wasn’t long before fans of both Evans and The Office were chiming in with their favorite Jim and Pam moments, pointing out their love for another overlooked Office power couple (Phyllis and Bob Vance), and generally losing their minds that the actor loves the series too.

Evans later reacted after Jenna Fischer tweeted the Jim and Pam high five moment in response to his tweet. “Krasinski is my boy and I’ve met Jenna once, but for a minute I’m gonna choose to forget that and just enjoy the fact that Jim and Pam both acknowledged this tweet,” Evans tweeted.

Krasinksi gave Evans’ tweet some love with a Jim Halpert jazz hands GIF.

Jim and Pam struggled with their long-distance relationship

During the June 9 episode of the Office Ladies podcast, Fischer, who played Pam, and her Office co-star Angela Kinsey discussed how Jim and Pam struggled with their long-distance relationship when Pam went to art school.

Jim and Pam try to connect during the episode but find it challenging. Pam tries to tell Jim about art school but he doesn’t understand who she’s talking about; Jim tries to explain what it was like to have a baby shower for Jan in the office, but Pam can’t hear him over the noise at a laundromat.

“So Pam has this talking head at the laundromat where she says that she’s not frustrated,” Fischer explained. “You know, they have these kind of days where they don’t connect even when they’re together in Scranton.”

Jenna Fischer said she ‘loved’ the way the writers connected Jim and Pam after a challenging day

The Office writers managed to show that things were still OK between Jim and Pam in the final moments of the show. The characters didn’t speak directly to each other but they left voicemail messages that clearly showed their connection.

“They both go to voicemail at the same time,” Fischer explained. “And I remember [creator] Greg [Daniels] talking to me about this scene. I just loved this idea that we’re going to hear each side of their voicemail message and you’re going to see they really are connected.”

The actor continued, “They both recall the same story about the time that, you know, some man came into the laundromat and Jim had to save Pam and then they bought a washer/dryer. They’re recalling the same event. And at the end, they both say, ‘I guess this was just one of those days. I miss you. I wish you were home.’”

Fischer noted, “I feel like I have had these conversations. And I love the line when she’s like, ‘Why can’t you just be in art school with me?’ Because she’s trying so hard to tell him the story.”

“And, you know, this is the beginning of this storyline with Jim and Pam, where we’re going to show that this distance has gone on for a while and maybe they’re not connecting as easily as they used to,” she added.

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