Chris Evans Playfully Admits Which Comic Book Role Was His Favorite — And It’s Not Captain America

Chris Evans is known around the world for playing Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor has starred in three standalone movies as Cap, plus all of the studio’s major crossovers, including Avengers: Endgame. With Evans seemingly done in the MCU, he playfully revealed that Captain America is not his favorite comic book character he has played on the big screens.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans | Mark Davis/Getty Images

Chris Evans says goodbye to Captain America

Evans’ journey as Cap came to a fitting conclusion in Endgame. After helping the Avengers defeat Thanos (Josh Brolin), Cap traveled back in time to return the Infinity Stones to their rightful places. But instead of coming back to the current timeline of the MCU, he decided to stay in the past and live out his days with Peggy Carter.

He then reappeared as an old man in the current timeline to give Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) his shield. Sam’s transition to becoming the new Cap is the main focal point of the upcoming Disney+ series, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, a good indication that Evans is done with the role.

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In honor of the movie’s one-year anniversary, directors Joe and Anthony Russo recently took part in a watch party on social media. They also took to Twitter to share a video of Evans’ final day on set, where the cast and crew gave him a big round of applause after his final scene.

While fans have had a hard time saying goodbye to Evans’ version of Cap, the actor recently teased that his favorite comic book character has nothing to do with Marvel.

What is Evans’ favorite comic book role?

During his career, Evans has portrayed a variety of comic book heroes in close to 20 different movies. Most of these films, of course, are Marvel movies, but fans might be surprised to learn that Evans has enjoyed quite a few parts outside of the MCU.

This includes appearances in Fantastic Four, where he played the part of Johnny Storm (a.k.a. the Human Torch), TMNT, where he was introduced as Casey Jones, Push as Nick Grant, and Jensen in The Losers.

But when it comes to his favorite comic book role of all time, none of the characters made the cut. According to We Got This Covered, Chris Evans recently revealed that his favorite part based on a comic was actually when he played Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

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Evans admitted as much during an exchange on Twitter with the director of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Edgar Wright. After Wright argued that Evans’ best comic book role was in his film, the actor fired back by playfully writing, “Obviously.”

Most fans would agree that Evans’ role in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was good, but it was pretty evident that he was just joking around with Wright. After all, it is difficult to argue against the idea that Evans’ role as Captain America was his best part yet.

Chris Evans comes under fire over past Tweets

While fans have a hard time separating Evans from Cap, the actor recently found himself in the hot seat after expressing some very anti-Captain America views. Some fans were so disgruntled by Evans’ tweets (which leaned left) that they even started the hashtag, “#chrisevansisoverparty.”

Although some viewers argued that Evans is speaking out because he is no longer a part of Marvel, the actor recently revealed that the studio had no issues with his viewpoints. According to Cosmic Book, Evans assured fans that Marvel president Kevin Feige once praised him for his standing up for what he believes in on social media.

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“Marvel has never said anything. On the contrary — when I bump into Kevin Feige the first thing out of his mouth is ‘Man, I love what you’re doing [on Twitter],'” Evans shared.

Marvel has not commented on the drama surrounding Chris Evans’ social media posts. The studio is currently getting ready to kick off Phase 4 of the MCU with Scarlett Johansson’s upcoming movie, Black Widow.