Chris Evans Says ‘Don’t Mess With Ana’ de Armas in ‘The Gray Man’ Interview

In a recent joint interview, The Gray Man’s Chris Evans and Ana de Armas were asked about their training for their roles. As the most expensive Netflix movie ever made, The Gray Man features nearly non-stop action and major fight scenes. When asked if the actors thought they could use their training in, say, a bar fight, Evans responded on behalf of his co-star.

Ana de Armas is CIA Agent Dani Miranda in ‘The Gray Man’

The Gray Man (2022) Ana de Armas as Dani Miranda.
The Gray Man (2022) Ana de Armas as Dani Miranda. | Netflix

In The Gray Man, de Armas plays Dani Miranda, a CIA agent that teams up with Ryan Gosling’s character, Six. Together, they work to uncover a treacherous plot to eliminate Six’s team of mysterious, super-trained operatives. Their greatest threat and target is Lloyd Hansen (Evans), who knows no limit to the methods he will employ to kill them. 

In the interview with Jake’s Takes, Evans seems convinced de Armas would have no trouble defending herself in a bar fight. Throughout The Gray Man, de Armas fights with fists, kicks, guns, bazookas, and wires in some of the film’s most impressive combat choreography. 

“I’ve seen her do too many moves now,” Evans says. He then says he has watched her “throw these punches and kicks” and thought, “Oh my God. She’s dangerous. She is a dangerous person. Be careful… she’s a weapon.”

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas as co-stars

The Gray Man is not the first time Evans and de Armas have worked together, though. The pair originally teamed up for 2019’s Knives Out, which saw her as the dutiful caretaker of the murdered Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer). Evans plays Thrombey’s grandson, Ransom, revealed as the whodunit’s killer in the end.  

And Evans and de Armas keep it going. In addition to The Gray Man, the pair will also star in the upcoming Ghosted. Described as an action-adventure-romance, little is known about the plot of Ghosted. However, the film is directed by Dexter Fletcher. He recently directed two episodes of Paramount+’s The Offer and is also at the helm of the upcoming Sherlock Holmes 3 starring Robert Downey Jr.  

Ana de Armas is making a name for herself in action movies

No stranger to action movies, de Armas made a splash as Joi in 2017’s Blade Runner 2049 (with her other The Gray Man co-starGosling). She then became an action superstar in last year’s No Time to Die, starring opposite Daniel Craig as a very different type of Bond girl. Now, The Gray Man sees de Armas whooping on a fresh set of baddies. But the super-talented Cuban star is not done yet. 

In addition to Ghosted, de Armas is also rumored to be starring in the upcoming John Wick spinoff, Ballerina. Not much is known about the project. But the IMDb’s synopsis reads: “a young female assassin seeks revenge against the people who killed her family.” So, it is likely that fans of de Armas should prepare for a lot more ass-kicking in the future.   

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