Chris Evans: ‘The Tragic Experience That Every Actor Should Go Through’

Though most famous for portraying the shield-wielding and morally upstanding Captain America in the MCU, Chris Evans bounced around a bit before finding his footing. He didn’t simply step into his career-solidifying role as the man who gets to utter the words, “Avengers, Assemble.” 

MCU star Chris Evans
Chris Evans | Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Before the Marvel masterminds recruited the charming hunk, Chris Evans experimented in several genres; from stupid comedies like Not Another Teen Movie to rom-coms like What’s Your Number, the actor has seen his fair share of misses (and critically condemned films). However, if you came to this post thinking it would be another story about the journey to stardom, and the struggles all actors must march through together, think again. 

During an interview with Women’s Magazine, Chris Evans discussed the one thing almost all actors must go through (at some point) that is simply a “tragic experience,” and seems to note the inevitable occurrence as a right of passage in the industry.

MCU star Chris Evans talks sex scenes 

During his interview with Women’s Magazine, Chris Evans discussed his life before Captain America, some of the most impactful movies from his perspective, and the art of love scenes. When discussing sex scenes, Evans said:

There is no favorite love scene I’ve been in. Being in a love scene is a tragic, tragic experience that every actor should go through just to know how absolutely painful and awful it is. 

W Magazine 

According to Chris Evans, though the actors and those behind the film may make a love scene look steamy and passionate, it is everything but for those involved.

Strong acting goes a long way, but it’s almost always awkward and uncomfortable. That is, of course, unless a few months later, those actors with “incredible and palpable chemistry” wind up in a relationship. Then you realize acting may not have been at the forefront of the successful sex scene, but that’s a topic for another article about Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield…you get the idea. 

When has Chris Evans had to film intimate scenes?

Given that Chris Evans is the man behind Captain America, it’s been quite some time since he’s had to film a scene that would land an R-rating; however, he has had some pretty steamy on-screen performances.

Evans filmed quite the physical scene with Evan Rachel Wood for Gucci Guilty fragrance, and also had to film some steamy scenes with Anna Farris in What’s Your Number. Chris Evans told Yahoo News that when he has to film a sex scene, he usually aims to make the other person laugh. Bringing humor into it is always a way to rid of some of the awkward tension. 

Though Chris Evans aims for humor, in the end, if the other person is uncomfortable, there really is no way around the awkward feelings, as Yahoo News noted. Then, it becomes tricky. Chris Evans’ sums up the whole sex scene thing with the following sentiment: “You have to laugh, or you’ll cry.