Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Interceptor’ Cameo Reminds Some of ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Chris Hemsworth has been the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor for over a decade now, to the point where it’s hard to separate him from the role. Even so, it’s always impressive to see how much range he has when appearing in non-Marvel properties. In a recent cameo in the film Interceptor, though, Hemsworth seems to have split the difference between his more comedy-first roles and the God of Thunder, particularly in his last outing with the Avengers.

Chris Hemsworth executive produced the film ‘Interceptor’

chris hemsworth interceptor
Chris Hemsworth attends the red carpet screening of ‘Interceptor’ at The Ritz on May 25, 2022 in Sydney, Australia. | Don Arnold/WireImage

Hemsworth was an executive producer on the film Interceptor, which stars his wife Elsa Pataky as a captain in the Army. Stationed on one of the military’s nuclear interceptor platforms, she finds herself going up against a band of terrorists intent on nuking the United States. In true Die Hard fashion, she’s outgunned, outmanned, and on a ticking clock before everything goes sideways.

Overall, the film is singularly OK despite its high viewership on Netflix. As mentioned, the film wears its Die Hard inspirations on its sleeve but doesn’t do much to set itself apart from other imitators. Action fans itching for a simple fix will get what they’re looking for — but don’t expect much more.

Chris Hemsworth makes a cameo in ‘Interceptor’

One thing the film does have over others, though, is Hemsworth himself. While he’s not a significant part of Interceptor, some (like Decider) call his parts the best in the movie.

Appearing midway through, Hemsworth shows up looking very much like his iconic character. In particular, fans were quick to draw comparisons between his unassuming TV salesman and the God of Thunder in Avengers: Endgame. Between the long hair, bushy beard, and rotund body, you might imagine Thor took on a part-time job to pay for V-Bucks while waiting for the chance to go back in time.

Hemsworth’s Interceptor cameo provides some much-needed laughs in an otherwise very serious movie. The actor is always at his best when he gets to flex his considerable comedy chops, and that’s exactly what he gets to do here. The filmmakers knew that, too, since he gets a second appearance in a post-credits scene, asleep and jiggling in a massage chair.

Thor’s treatment in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ was divisive among fans

The subject of Thor as he appears in Endgame has split Marvel fans for some time. For the unaware, the God of Thunder was arguably the most impacted by the ending of Avengers: Infinity War. He blamed himself for Thanos getting the chance to snap half of all life out of existence. When we first see him again after the five-year time jump, he’s gained a considerable amount of weight. He eats junk food, drinks beer, and plays video games instead of doing his duty as King of Asgard.

Some fans connected with this radical change to Thor’s character. The filmmakers and Hemsworth himself intended to show a more vulnerable side to the hero. Severely traumatized and blaming himself for everything that happened, Thor deals with anxiety and panic attacks throughout the movie. He only regains his confidence after a pep talk from his mother in the past — and, of course, with his hammer, Mjolnir, proving that he’s still worthy despite his changes.

That said, others weren’t as charitable. Setting aside those who were just mad that hunky Hemsworth wore a fat suit for the movie, many felt that the handling of these very real issues weren’t as good as the team’s intentions. Several characters make jokes at Thor’s expense, mocking his weight and his trauma. The movie’s also not afraid to indulge some stereotypes, all of which can feel pretty mean-spirited.

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