Chrissy Teigen Revealed Her Favorite BTS Members and Shared a Clip of V Meeting John Legend

It is always endearing to see celebrities act starstruck around other celebrities. On Twitter, a BTS fan shared a video compilation of V being starstruck by John Legend. Chrissy Teigen caught wind of the BTS fan’s video and shared the clip to her own Twitter. On Instagram, she also revealed her favorite BTS members.

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V is a fan of Chrissy Teigen’s husband John Legend

At the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards, Legend performed “Green Light” with Tiffany and Chen. He also performed “All of Me,” a song dedicated to his wife, Teigen. At the awards show, there are clips of V running backstage to make sure he could watch Legend’s performance.

A fan compiled the clips of V running to watch Legend perform with a clip of V meeting Legend at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. The two finally meeting was originally shared in a BTS Episode posted on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel.

When he finally got a chance to meet Legend, V hugged him and then shook his hand.

“I’m a big fan,” V told Legend.

Chrissy Teigen has two favorite BTS members

As if V being a fan and meeting Legend was not enough, it turns out Teigen is a fan of BTS. On July 7, Teigen shared the ARMY’s clip of V and Legend, writing “This is SO sweet.”

She also posted an Instagram revealing her favorite band members. It turns out V is one of her favorite members, which makes the fan’s video she shared even sweeter. Teigen is such a fan of the group, she has more than one bias. In addition to liking V, Teigen also likes Jin, causing BTS fans to tweet their excitement.

“Chrissy Teigen saying she likes Jin and Taehyung,, the TASTE jumped out,” one fan tweeted.

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BTS (I like Jin and V)

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“So basically Mrs.Chrissy Teigen, wife of John Legend is an army. And her favourite is our TaeJin Let our boys know about this. They’ll be so happy,” another fan tweeted.

V is currently working on a mixtape

In May 2020, V hinted to fans in the chatroom of an online game that he might make a solo mixtape.

“I wrote several songs. Please anticipate it,” V wrote in a message according to a fan translation.

His second post read, “I should release a mixtape.”

The BTS singer later confirmed he was in the process of making a mixtape on May 15, 2020 when he appeared on Suga’s radio show on VLIVE called “DJ SHUP-D’s Kkul FM 06.13 #0613FM_0515.”

During the radio show, V confirmed some details about the mixtape and told Suga he is working on writing songs for the mixtape and BTS’s upcoming self-produced album. The mixtape will include a song he wrote for Parents’ Day because he wants fans to be able to hear it, and he does not know yet if he will use a different stage name for his solo work.

The BTS singer released a sneak peek of the mixtape

Shocking BTS fans around the world, V recently dropped a teaser of his upcoming mixtape on Twitter before deleting it. The black-and-white video of an untitled song gave fans insight into what V’s solo work will be like.

“Today’s a day where I miss ARMY so so.. so so much Although not complete, please wait and listen to this spoiler! #MightDeleteTomorrow #QuicklyBeforeIChangeMyMind,” the singer tweeted according to a fan translation.

While V deleted the tweet a few hours later, #KTH1iscoming still trended worldwide on Twitter.