Christian Bale Once Considered Quitting Acting so He Could Live Like Other Normal Teenagers

Christian Bale acquired his passion for acting from a young age. But during the latter point of his teenage years, Bale considered leaving behind his professional career. If only because Bale became curious about experiencing what other normal teenagers were doing at the time.

Christian Bale felt uneasy as a child actor

Christian Bale at a screening for 'Vice'.
Christian Bale | John MACDOUGALL /Getty Images

It wasn’t surprising for Bale that he ended up as a professional actor. As a child, Bale confided that he sort of simply fell into acting. After developing a fascination with the profession, acting grew from a child’s hobby to a viable career choice.

“I never took acting lessons or anything,” Bale once said in an interview with NJ. “It was more of a case of me just being interested in each thing as it came along, rather than thinking this was something I wanted to make a career of. But when I decided I did want to make a career of it, it didn’t shock my parents. What would have shocked them was if I wanted to put on a suit and tie and go 9 to 5.”

But as his star-power grew back in those years, he saw a decline in his anonymity. Anonymity was something he felt was pivotal for a child’s development. So Bale had a difficult time when he lost it.

“I wasn’t happy. And, you know, I can’t help looking at it now and saying there’s a point at which a child acting just becomes abuse,” Bale said. “I really think it can just kill all the enjoyment a child is getting from it, and I look at it now with unease. Maybe there are some wonderful people, but me, I always suspect someone who wants to make their money from children.”

Christian Bale considered quitting acting early so he could live like a normal teenager

Bale was eventually able to adjust to his celebrity stardom and fame to continue his acting career. But in his later teenage years, he took notice how other teenagers were living their lives. He saw many kids his age still figuring out what they wanted to do. Without a career, this meant that many teens didn’t have the same responsibilities that the Oscar-winner did.

“You’re talking about 17, 18, whatever – ages when most people I knew were heading to college, and studying and stuff. And, I wasn’t, you know, I was working, and that’s great, but what comes with that are bills to pay and responsibilities and stuff like that,” Bale once opened up to Ain’t It Cool.

This led to Bale reconsidering what he wanted to do. But it was a thought that only lasted for a moment.

“I kind of thought, ‘Eh, maybe I should just throw this in and do what they’re doing, because they’re not doing anything but, you know, kind of studying and goofing off the rest of the time,'” Bale added. “There was a temptation there, sort of, being a bit more normal. But, not anymore, no. I don’t feel that at all.”

Christian Bale has often wondered when his acting career is going to end


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Although Bale has asserted he loves what he does, he’s also confided that he enjoys having a bit of time off. As much of a passion acting is, Bale shared there are other hobbies he looks forward to doing in his spare time.

“I’ve always been bent on ‘When’s this gonna end? This has to end.’ I like doing things that have nothing to do with film. And I find myself very happily not playing dress-up, not pretending to be somebody else for long lengths of time,” he told GQ in a fairly recent interview.

One of the reasons he continues to act, other than his passion, would be for his loved ones. Which is partially how Bale ended up in the business in the first place.

“Look, me and a couple of friends, we were kinda doing these little skits. But every kid does. Every kid acts a little bit in that way. And then, just, I found myself in the position that family things…finding I can support the family through doing it: That’s why I’m doing it. And I do have an absolute love/hate relationship with it,” Bale added.