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Christina Aguilera and Pink have a lot in common. Both women came up during the late ’90s, with pop songs that challenged cultural norms and inspired millions of fans. Additionally, both women have grown and evolved in the spotlight, remaining relevant and popular to this day. However, all throughout their respective careers, rumors of a feud between Aguilera and Pink have dogged the women. Over the years, Pink and Aguilera have addressed the rumored feud in subtle ways – but a recent interview with Aguilera has everyone buzzing about what’s really going on between the two superstars.

How did the feud between Christina Aguilera and Pink start?

The feud rumors go back to 2001, when the superstars collaborated on a song for the Moulin Rouge! film soundtrack. According to Nicki Swift, tensions erupted on the set for the music video, although details are scarce about what specifically happened between the two. Around the same time, the publication reports that Pink and Aguilera allegedly got physical at a club, with Pink telling Andy Cohen in 2017 that “she swung on me in a club, which is hilarious.”

Interestingly, Aguilera would dispute Pink’s recollection of this event, telling Cohen “Look at her, look at me. I wouldn’t swing on her. She could beat my a**. Are you kidding me? She could really beat my a** then!”

What did Christina Aguilera recently say about her feud with Pink?

For the past several years, the feud chatter has quieted down. However, Aguilera might have reignited the alleged feud in a recent interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast. The singer went on the record to say “just…don’t poke the bear anymore. I don’t need to be talking about things that happened decades ago. Like, let’s grow up, let’s embrace…you know, now more than ever is the time for that.”

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Aguilera never specifically named Pink in the interview, while seemingly alluding to the singer with remarks such as “don’t poke me under the table, because I’m not, I won’t be baited anymore. I just don’t have time for the petty bull****.” Aguilera was responding to some comments recently made by Pink about the making of the “Lady Marmalade” video not being “very fun.” While Pink didn’t call out Aguilera as the cause of the tension, it is clear that something upset Aguilera to the point of speaking out.

Pink and Christina Aguilera worked together on ‘The Voice’ in 2016


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For many fans, the reignition of the feud is somewhat shocking, considering Pink had claimed that the two women had made up after working together in 2016 on the set of the singing competition show The Voice. Pink served as Aguilera’s adviser on one season of the show, working together to help fledgling singers reach their dreams of stardom.

In the wake of Aguilera’s interview with Call Her Daddy, Pink has taken to social media to slam reports that she ever shaded Aguilera at all. “Y’all are nuts,” Pink wrote on Twitter. “Xtina had shit to do with who was on that song. If you don’t know by now- I’m not “shading” someone by telling it over and over and over what actually happened. I’m zero percent interested in your f***ing drama. If you haven’t noticed- I’m a little busy selling.” It’s unclear whether Pink and Aguilera have discussed any of this behind the scenes – but fans are certainly invested in these new developments in a rumored feud that has lasted for two decades.