Christmas Abbott Says She ‘Reverse Engineered’ Her Relationship With Memphis Garrett on ‘Big Brother’

There have been many showmances on Big Brother. But the all-star season didn’t have much romance. That’s because multiple houseguests came in already in a relationship, which includes Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett.

Now they’re dating each other after the show. Abbott explains how they “reverse engineered” their relationship because of Big Brother.

Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett are dating

Christmas Abbott competes on 'Big Brother'
Christmas Abbott competes on ‘Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

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Abbott and Garrett were both competing on Big Brother 22. They worked closely together in an alliance called The Committee. Once that broke apart, Garrett made an alliance with Abbott and Enzo Palumbo called The Wise Guys.

Fans believed they were flirty with each other. But they were also dating other people outside of the show. Once they were done with the show they denied they were anything more than friends.

“So, me and Christmas have a great relationship,” Garrett told Entertainment Tonight. “We’re very similar, we’re both Sagittarius, we both have young boys. So, I have a great rapport with her and I’m sure we’ll be friends for a really long time.”

They later announced they’re dating on Dec. 1 after the season ended. They both posted pictures together on Instagram announcing the news.

“Love is not found, it’s built. @memphisgarrett (I promise it wasn’t a kiss) #2020#unexpected #christmasabbott#memphisgarrett#bb22#theangrytherapist,” Abbott shared in her caption. “Sometime [sic] people come into your life and you know they just belong. We tried to fight it but fate had its own plan. Excited for the future,” Garrett wrote in his caption.

Abbott said ‘Big Brother’ makes their relationship different

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The former houseguests opened up about their relationship with E! News. They shared what they like about each other.

“My favorite trait about Memphis is that he understands and knows exactly who I am,” Abbott said. “He sees me and appreciates me for me and not who he thinks I should be, or who I have been in the past. He feels like my home. I also love his wild, unapologetic self. He is who he is.”

Garrett also shared what drew him to her. “The list could go on for days, but her contagious smile, unapologetic laugh and authenticity are just a few traits I love,” he said.

Abbott claimed this came as a surprise to her. “I wasn’t looking for a relationship, I was there to WIN,” she said. “It’s so wild to have this experience because we reverse engineered how society promotes falling in love. Memphis and I got to know one another through real conversations, building trust with each other and not starting with a physical connection. That’s a rare thing!”

Garrett agreed adding, “Never in my mind would I ever think I would find love thanks to the Big Brother house, but sometimes fate has other plans.”

The show has been known to bring many people together over the years. It looks like Garrett and Abbott are the newest houseguests to join the list of couples who met on the show.