Ciara and Russell Wilson on Reading to Their Children and How They Got the Title for Their Book

When you think of celebrity relationships, Ciara and Denver Broncos Quarterback Russell Wilson (formerly of the Seattle Seahawks) likely come to mind. They recently discussed how they work as a team to raise well-rounded children.

Celebrities Ciara and Russell place an emphasis on nurturing their children’s minds. One way they do this is by reading with them before bedtime. Here’s what the couple shared about their family.

Ciara and Russell Wilson say reading time is bonding time

Ciara and Russell Wilson smile while posing on the red carpet.
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During an interview with Drew + Jonathan Reveal, Russell says reading was a big part of his childhood. His parents read with him before he went to sleep. He carries on the tradition of reading with his children before bedtime. For him, reading with his children encourages bonding.

“I grew up with parents who read to me all the time,” says Russell. “They believed in the importance of education and viewed reading as a direct source of growth. One of the biggest traditions they passed down is reading before bed—and it’s something Ciara and I have prioritized with our own kids. It’s a great opportunity for us to bond and grow as a family.”

Although Ciara says her reading time with her parent wasn’t routine, she looked forward to it. “I wasn’t necessarily read to as routinely growing up, but I remember moments of my dad reading to me before bed, and it was something I looked forward to,” she says. (Check out what Mariah Carey said about her family and how her father only let her have one cracker if she wanted a snack.)

Ciara and Russell Wilson are on a mission to educate children

Education is important to Ciara and Russell. They hope to educate the minds of young children through their Why Not You Foundation and through their Seattle-based charter school. They want to reach beyond their family and give others the opportunity to expand their horizon through education.

“Reading is a huge part of the development of the mind and brain,” says Russell in his Drew + Jonathan Reveal interview. (Reading is also a big part of Jennifer Lopez’s self-care routine.) “It creates imagination and allows our kids to dream in ways they may not otherwise. That’s a big reason Ciara and I founded the Why Not You Foundation in 2014, to empower youth to live and lead with the attitude that you can do anything you see.”

The couple also hopes to combat poverty and give children an equal shot at obtaining the best education. “We’re working to fight poverty through education and supporting access to equal education opportunities, children’s health, and food-security initiatives,” says Russell. He and Ciara celebrated the opening of Why Not You Academy last September. They describe it as “a free charter public high school for underserved students.” The first class included more than 100 Seattle students.

“With our picture book, Why Not You? we hope to uplift young people of color to embrace reading and encourage them to pursue their wildest dreams and believe in themselves. Whether it’s becoming a football player or a pop star or the president or a scientist, why not you?” says Russell.

Ciara and Russell Wilson’s children’s book ‘Why Not You’

Ciara and Russell released their book Why Not You? In March. Ciara says the book’s title is a nod to a conversation Russell had with his father when he was a child.

 “Russell’s father always said to him, ‘Why not you?’” Ciara tells Drew + Jonathan Reveal. “With our book, we hope to encourage kids to not only read but pursue their dreams with that same attitude. We continue to dream big and want to encourage others, not just kids, to keep dreaming and never give up on their goals. All you need is one person to believe, and that person is you!” (Read more about Jennifer Lopez and how she relies on the power of positive thinking.)

The Family issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal is available on newsstands, Amazon, and online now.

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