Ciara From ‘Summer House’ Named ‘Least Fun’ on ‘WWHL’ – Danielle Said: ‘I Got a Glass in the Chest Instead’

Ciara Miller and Danielle Olivera from Summer House aren’t likely to be the best of friends after Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard both said Miller was the “least fun” in the house.

Olivera and Hubbard played the “BFF Test” game on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, which is when they said in unison that Miller was the least fun person in the house. Host Andy Cohen wanted to know why they both said Miller, which is when Olivera brought up the explosive fight she had with Miller, which was teased in the Summer House Season 6 trailer.

Ciara from ‘Summer House’ named ‘least fun’ in the house

Olivera initially said that she named Miller as “least fun” because she took herself too seriously. “I think sometimes she takes herself way too seriously,” she said. “And it’s supposed to be about fun and being around each other. And I tried this summer with her. I really, really did. But … turns out … didn’t get as much fun.”

Danielle Olivera, Ciara Miller, Hannah Berner from Summer House hang out at the beach
Danielle Olivera, Ciara Miller, Hannah Berner | True Entertainment/Bravo

Cohen surmised Olivera and Miller won’t win the BFF test. “Um, no,” Olivera replied. “I got a glass in the chest instead.” Olivera and Hubbard also named Miller the messiest in the house too.

Danielle said she ended up bruised after the ‘Summer House’ fight

The Summer House Season 6 trailer showed a slow-motion fight between Miller and Olivera during dinner at the house. Miller threw a glass of red wine at Olivera after they briefly exchange heated words. Olivera said the fight was quick but intense.

“What I did not know, because in that moment, I knew that there was wine being thrown at me,” Olivera told US Weekly

“I tried for dear life to protect my outfit, and I think I was successful, but I blacked out after that. In real life, I blacked out not because of drinking, but because of the rage. It was just so insane. … I’ve never been in that situation before with someone who I thought we were OK — I thought we were good — and all of the sudden, you’re throwing wine. So, I saw red.”

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“After the wine was thrown, she threw the wine glass and it shattered on my chest,” she shared. “I’m like, ‘What the f***? Like, are you kidding me?’ And so, the truth is the next day, I saw bruises — like I had bruises. But Craig [Conover], who was there that weekend, he was, like, ‘Oh my God, I pulled you away that hard.’ No, the bruises were because of that wine glass that she threw at me and shattered on my chest bone. I’m not OK. I’m not OK about it.”

Ciara said she never had a beef with Danielle

Miller told Showbiz Cheat Sheet she was as stunned as Olivera about the fight.  “I don’t really feel like me and Danielle ever really had any beef,” Miller said. “Like she wasn’t in Vermont. So really like the last time I had seen Danielle before we came to the house, was probably at the reunion.”

She confirmed the fight stemmed from tension with Hubbard over her romance with Austen Kroll. Hubbard and Kroll went into Winter House with plans to date. But Hubbard arrived at the house late and Kroll had already hooked up with Miller and seemingly chose Miller over Hubbard.

Miller said the fight with Olivera happened quickly. “Seeing the slow-mo of it. It was like very … it was bad,” she recalled. Adding, “It wasn’t great. But I don’t even remember it being like a two-motion thing. It just felt like it was all at once. And it’s just like, you know, screw you. And then I was seeing red. It was a dinner that I went into very hot. And then continued to get pissed off throughout it.”

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