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Ciara Miller said Luke Gulbranson from Summer House wasn’t speaking to her after her Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen shady comment before the season premiere.

Miller got stuck playing a WWHL Clubhouse game where she had to name the “douchiest guy on Bravo” and she chose Gulbranson. Gulbranson later responded to the remark, sharing he was surprised. But then Miller told Showbiz Cheat Sheet he stopped speaking to her.

Ciara Miller said Luke Gulbranson isn’t speaking to her

Miller said her friendship with Gulbranson was solid until WWHL. “Right now I think he’s not the happiest with me, but I mean, over the summer we were fine,” she remarked. “Like, I just moved to New York over the summer. So I was just kind of like trying to get my bearings and stuff. So I mean, this summer we were fine, you know, like hanging out or whatnot. Like, our relationship was good in the house. And yeah, even after we wrapped filming, I mean, like we went to a concert together, hung out a little bit.”

Ciara Miller and Luke Gulbranson from Summer House pose for a photo after WWHL
Ciara Miller and Luke Gulbranson from Summer House |Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

She attributed Gulbranson’s cold shoulder to the comment she made about him on WWHL. “My word vomit on Watch What Happens Live. I apologized for that, but I think he’s still a little hurt. So I’ll just give him some time.”

Have they talked since the ‘Summer House’ premiere?

A few weeks later Miller was the guest on WWHL with Amanda Batula. Again she had to play a Clubhouse game but this time seemed to be more favorable toward Gulbranson. Of course this time, Gulbranson was in the WWHL audience.

Although she didn’t make any shady comments about him, she and Gulbranson did not seem to be back on track. When host Andy Cohen asked how she and Gulbranson were today, Miller said their friendship ebbs and flows. “You’re always mad at each other, not mad at each other, mad at each other,” she said “It’s friendship. Our relationship has evolved in many different ways. If he’s mad at me, he can tell me. We had a good summer though.”

Meanwhile, Gulbranson had nothing to say but smiled while sitting next to new cast member Mya Allen and Kyle Cooke.

Why did Ciara Miller call Luke Gulbranson the ‘douchiest guy on Bravo’?

So how bad was Miller’s shade? Miller played the “BFF Test” game with Paige DeSorbo and could choose anyone from Bravo for the “douchiest guy on Bravo” award. Miller said Gulbranson’s name pretty quickly. “I was gonna say Jax [Taylor],” DeSorbo said as Cohen covered his face with the question cards. “But he’s not on anymore.”

“Glad it wasn’t me,” Cohen joked.


‘Summer House’: Ciara Miller Makes It Clear There’s No Future With Luke Gulbranson

Gulbranson later appeared on WWHL after Miller made the remark and Cohen asked him if they would ever have a romantic relationship in the future. “You know, I don’t close doors on things,” he said during the WWHL After Show (via Bravo). “I was hoping that we could at least spark up a better friendship, but I don’t know if we really did after last week.”

He also said he was surprised she made the comment considering their friendship. “Well, you know what, I put in a lot of work on the friendship I have with Ciara,” he said. “And when she did say that, I was extremely surprised.” He added, “You take the high road. You can’t control other people.”