Cinco De Mayo 2022 Celebrations Will Be Caliente for Sofía Reyes and Danny Trejo [Exclusive]

Actor Danny Trejo and singer Sofía Reyes are gearing up for one of the hottest Cinco de Mayo celebrations ever.

After recently filming a fun Cinco de Mayo-inspired commercial for Tostitos, Reyes and Trejo shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet how they plan to spend the holiday and both said it will be filled with friends, family, and – of course – food.

Sofía Reyes plans to go out on the town with friends on Cinco de Mayo

After a two-year pandemic, Reyes said she’s ready to hit the town for Cinco de Mayo this year. “I’m going to be in L.A., so probably I’m going to get together with my friends,” she said.

Danny Trejo smiles for a photo during a movie premiere. Sofía Reyes blows a kiss to fans during the Latin AMAs.
Danny Trejo and Sofía Reyes |Leon Bennett/WireImage/Bridget Bennett / AFP via Getty Images

“Normally what we do is we go to a house, let’s say my house,” she continued. “And we bring food, we cook, we drink, we just play a lot of music and we’re just like there chatting. And then we go out and go dancing at a bar or a club or something. Let’s see if that happens this year. But I’m excited and I have my family and friends in L.A. and I think we’re going to do something like that.”

Danny Trejo will be celebrating with family, friends and at his restaurant

Trejo’s Cinco de Mayo celebration extends from home to his restaurants, Trejo’s Tacos, Trejo’s Cantina, and Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts. He plans to go all out this year. “I think I’m going to have some of my singers. I started a record label, so I’ll probably have the singers there and we’ll have some mariachis and we’ll be having a blast like always at Trejo’s Cantina. And then we’ll probably go over to Trejo’s Tacos,” Trejo envisioned.

He also plans to put the avocados growing in his yard to good use. Trejo offered a peek into his secret guacamole ingredient. “For our guacamole, we use the cashews for a little crunch,” he dished. “And serrano peppers instead of the jalapenos because jalapenos are a little too spicy for some people. So it’s a really good taste, not just the spice. And it’s absolutely delicious. And with the [Tostitos] Scoops, they don’t break.”

Trejo also plans to spend the day with his children. “That’s what Cinco de Mayo is,” he explained. “Cinco de Mayo is kind of a family event,” he added. “People think it’s Mexican Independence Day, but it’s not. It’s a battle that Mexicans won against the French, that’s what Cinco de Mayo is. And so it’s kind of a family, more of a cultural, Mexican family day.”

No Cinco de Mayo celebration is complete without Tostitos

Trejo and Reyes had a blast filming the party fantasy spot for Tostitos and Reyes said the brand had the right idea for a Cinco de Mayo party.

“I love working with Danny,” she exclaimed. “It’s just a fun commercial. I also love how magical it is because we’re like, we want a cheese fountain. Boom! And it appears. It’s just like things are going on about celebrating just life and having fun.”

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