Clare Crawley’s Ex-Fiance Reacts to Her Hasty Engagement to Dale Moss

Clare Crawley is officially an engaged woman and she has the ring to prove it. The Bachelorette made history after she got engaged to Dale Moss at warp speed, ending her journey on the reality TV show after just a few days’ time. Now, Tayshia Adams has been tapped to be her replacement. But how did Crawley and Moss manage to fall in love so quickly, and what does Crawley’s ex-fiancé feel about her rapid-fire engagement?

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley ring in their engagement
Dale Moss and Clare Crawley | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

While Moss and Crawley are adamant that they had no contact prior to filming The Bachelorette, it would be fair to say that the pair’s journey began prior to Moss stepping out of the limo. Crawley admitted that she looked at Moss’s Instagram page consistently in quarantine and was completley smitten. She felt connected to the former NFL player and was more excited to meet him than any of the other 30 contestants.

Clare Crawley has been a very unconventional bachelorette

Crawley’s feelings only developed after meeting Moss. After just one brief conversation, she was already imagining a ring on her finger and proclaimed that she felt as if she had just met her husband. Moss seemed to feel a synergy with Crawley right of the bat as well and, after earning the first impression rose, he became the clear frontrunner in the competition.

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But unlike previous seasons of The Bachelorette, Crawley seemed unable to hide her feelings for Moss from the other contestants. In fact, things escalated to the point where she wanted to spend time with him exclusively. After a single one-on-one date, the pair expressed love for one another and The Bachelorette broke things off with her remaining contestants. Chris Harrison then shared with both Crawley and Moss that engagement was the next step and called jeweler, Neil Lane, up to put a rush on the ring.

Dale Moss proposes to The Bachelorette and presents her with an engagement ring

Though the other contestants, Harrison, and even Crawley herself questioned if Moss was really ready for an engagement, the model did eventually pop the question. While this is Crawley’s fastest engagement, it’s not her first. In fact, The Bachelorette has fallen in love on reality TV before. Back in 2018, Crawley was a contestant on The Bachelor Winter Games and she got engaged to Canadian, Benoît Beauséjour-Savard. So how does he feel about Crawley’s engagement?

On November 5, 2020, Crawley took to her Instagram to post photos from her and Moss’s engagement. “It’s official!!” The Bachelorette wrote. “Love wins!!!! 💍❤️!!! I love you @dalemoss13!!!!” Crawley racked up thousands of messages of support on her post, one of which was from her ex-fiance, Beauséjour-Savard.

Crawley’s ex-fiance, Benoît Beauséjour-Savard, reacts to her engagement on Instagram

“You deserve all the love and happiness!! Happy for you two 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼” Beauséjour-Savard commented under Crawley’s post. The Canadian also reposted the photo in his Instagram story, sending further congratulations to the newly engaged couple. Naturally, Bachelor Nation was sure to commend Beauséjour-Savard for his kind words.

“From one Canadian to another you are the epitome of a true gentleman,” one fan wrote to Beauséjour-Savard after he responded to Crawley’s engagement. Hope you get your happy ending.” Clearly, Beauséjour-Savard is supportive of his ex-fiancée despite the fact that things didn’t work out for them. Only will time will tell if he himself will return to the franchise for another shot at love.