‘Clueless’: Alicia Silverstone Reveals She ‘Ran Home with a Lot of Clothes’ From Cher Horowitz’s Closet After Filming

Few movies have stood the test of time as Clueless. Even though so much of the film is steeped in the 1990s, the movie’s popularity has only increased since it hit theaters in 1995. Undoubtedly, much of its lasting appeal stems from the charming performance star Alicia Silverstone delivers. But the fashion is also a fan favorite. Silverstone recently admitted she took much of the clothing she wore as Cher Horowitz with her after filming wrapped.

Justin Walker sits behind and looks at Alicia Silverstone who smiles as she holds a pen in a scene from 'Clueless'
Justin Walker and Alicia Silverstone in ‘Clueless’ | Paramount Pictures

‘Clueless’ is the most iconic of all Alicia Silverstone movies

Even though Clueless is by far her most beloved movie, Silverstone has appeared in a wide variety of movies. The actor made her film debut in 1993’s The Crush, for which she won the MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance. And for Clueless, she beat out a ton of more famous names. After that film, Silverstone continued to appear in dozens of other movies.

Unfortunately, her biggest financial hit is also one that complicated her relationship with Hollywood. Silverstone received heaps of criticism for her role as Batgirl in 1997’s notorious Batman & Robin. But she pushed through and has starred in films like Blast from the Past, Beauty Shop, and Book Club. Still, the legacy of Clueless remains the highlight of her movie career.

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The actor walked away with much of Cher Horowitz’ wardrobe

Clueless also made Silverstone something of a fashion icon. And in a new video for Glamour, Silverstone breaks down some of her most famous looks throughout her career. Naturally, that includes some of the clothes she wore as Cher Horowitz. But she reveals she didn’t exactly see herself wearing the same things as her character.

“I wore a green t-shirt every day with jeans. I had 64 costume changes, and I had no patience for it. I don’t even remember if I thought it was cute. Maybe I was like ‘oh that’s cute,’ but I just didn’t have a fashion sense. After the movie, I ran home with a lot of the clothes. And I tried to wear them in real life. Then I realized ‘I’m not Cher. I still want to just put on some jeans and a t-shirt and my tennis shoes.’ I didn’t find a way to use those in my real life and I gave them all away.”

Hardcore Clueless fans might be shocked to discover Silverstone just gave away much of her wardrobe as Cher. But she makes a good point about how her own style clashes with what she had to wear in the movie. After all, Cher’s clothes might look great on screen, but they might not fit as smoothly into a real-world setting as they do the stylized world of writer-director Amy Heckerling’s film.

Alicia Silverstone has a new movie in 2022 titled ‘The Requin’

These days, Silverstone has a warm place in her heart for Clueless, claiming she’ll never get sick of the film. But she has still kept busy as an actor. In fact, she stars in a new horror film titled The Requin, which was released on demand on January 28, 2022. And she has two more movies coming in 2022, comedy Senior Year and thriller Reptile.

Elsewhere, Silverstone’s also held down a couple of television roles. She voices Queen Marlena on Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation. And she has been a special guest star on several episodes of the streaming service’s The Babysitters Club.

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