‘Cobra Kai’: Gianni DeCenzo Reveals His Surprising Talent That Has Nothing To Do With Karate

Gianni DeCenzo from Netflix’s Cobra Kai can deliver a sweet roundhouse kick and his character Demetri has taken his fair share of bruises and broken bones. But DeCenzo recently revealed to Showbiz Cheat Sheet he has another skill that’s more badass than karate. And maybe almost as dangerous.

Gianni Decenzo
Gianni Decenzo | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

DeCenzo shared he’s a master with the sewing machine. “I made my entire family a bunch of COVID masks,” he dished. “As soon as everything broke out I thought, well, I have my sewing machine and some spare fabric, so … might as well!”

He can’t recall why he started sewing but has been doing it for years. “I just like making things,” he remarked. “When I was younger I would actually take apart my stuffed animals and sew them to each other.”

“I’m not a serial killer,” he laughed. “I would take a teddy bear and give him snake arms or something like that. It just grew from there.”

Gianni DeCenzo taught himself to sew

DeCenzo revealed he is self-taught. “I got a sewing machine, which was terrifying because those machines move so fast,” he said. “I just kept practicing. Self-taught, YouTube tutorial.”

While he’d like to experiment with making clothes, he made a sweet gift for his girlfriend using the sewing machine. DeCenzo said the endeavor was also quite the learning experience.

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“I actually made my girlfriend a kind of a stuffed wolf,” he recalled. “Because she’s a really big fan of wolves. So I stayed up all night one night from like 8 p.m. until 8 a.m. just making this wolf for her.”

“Let me tell you, the fabric I used was the worst fabric I ever worked with,” he exclaimed. “It was a fur sort of thing. It got everywhere. I got in my mouth and in my eyes. I couldn’t see where I was sewing. And I just hoped for the best.”

Is sewing more dangerous than ‘Cobra Kai’?

A sewing machine is no joke, especially when your digits are next to a rapidly moving needle. “I’ve had a few accidents,” he said. “Let me tell you, that needle hurt.”

So is sewing more dangerous than Cobra Kai? “I think don’t think there’s anything more dangerous than Cobra Kai,” he laughed. “They are lethal forces. Cobra Kai has left Demetri with a broken nose, and a broken arm. If anyone can attest to how dangerous Cobra Kai is, it’s him.”

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DeCenzo joined his sewing with Cobra Kai when he was on the set during season 3. “We were in Georgia filming Cobra Kai and we have a Halloween costume party sort of thing,” he recalled. “And I made this mask from The Strangers, it’s like a horror movie. It’s two girls in a mask and a guy in a weird burlap sack. I tried making that and I walked around all day like that.”

Cobra Kai seasons 1-3 are streaming on Netflix.