‘Cobra Kai’: Peyton List, Jacob Bertrand Dating History, How They Met

On Cobra Kai, the big love triangle is between Miguel (Xolo Mariduena), Samantha (Mary Mouser) and Tory (Peyton List). In real life, List and Jacob Bertrand are dating. Bertrand plays Eli Moskowitz/Hawk on the show. The couple became public on March 22. Here’s a history of how they met and how long they’ve been dating. 

'Cobra Kai': Peyton List, Jacob Bertrand practice punches in the dojo
Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand | Bob Mahoney/Netflix

Peyton List, Jacob Bertrand confirm their ‘Cobra Kai’ romance 

TMZ caught up with Bertrand and List arriving at LAX together. Cobra Kai Season 5 wrapped in December so they weren’t coming from the set in Atlanta, Georgia. When the TMZ cameraman asked if they were dating, they confirmed. 

“You caught me, bro,” Bertrand told TMZ. “You caught me in 4K. Yeah, we’ve been dating for a while.”

This also means that when Bertrand discussed his girlfriend getting mad at him on his podcast, Lone Lobos, that was List.

Jacob Bertrand knew Peyton List before ‘Cobra Kai’

More on when the love connection happened below. But, interestingly, Bertrand also said he had known List well before Cobra Kai began filming in 2018 and she joined the show in Season 2. Before Cobra Kai, Bertrand was an actor on shows like Kirby Buckets and Marvin Marvin. List was also a successful actor on Jessie and Bunk’d

Bertrand knew List through her brother, actor Spencer List. List is two years older than Bertrand, but that makes less difference in their 20s than when they were 15 and 17.

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“We’ve been friends for a while,” Bertrand said. “I met her when I was like 15. And I was really friends with her brother, Spencer. That’s kind of awkward to be like, ‘Hey man, I like your sister.’” 

Filming the show led to romance 

Eli was one of the first kids to join Cobra Kai dojo in the beginning of the show. He changed his name to Hawk and changed his hair to a mohawk under Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka)’s tutelage. Season 2 introduced Tory (List), a volatile new Cobra Kai student vying for Miguel’s affections. When Miguel and Samantha reconnected, it set Tory off.

But, it appears that List and Bertrand spent time together even if they had few scenes together. Sometime between seasons 2 and 5, they became an item. 

“Yeah, we, I don’t know, had fun on set and then hung out off set,” Bertrand told TMZ. “I’ve never dated anyone I’ve worked with before. So I don’t know, this is kind of like trial by fire almost.”

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List was a little more reserved around the reporters but also confirmed they were a couple. With regards to potential conflicts on the Cobra Kai set, List said she’d worry about that if it became an issue. So far, so good. 

“I’m like think about the consequences later,” List said.  

Cobra Kai Season 4 premiered Dec. 31. Netflix has yet to announce the premiere date for season 5. 

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