‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5: Mary Mouser Prank on Jacob Bertrand Got Unexpectedly Serious

On Cobra Kai, the fighting is all well-choreographed and safe. The cast doesn’t really hurt each other, not physically at least. Mary Mouser revealed the Cobra Kai cast has a fairly vicious prank battle going between them. While filming Cobra Kai Season 5, Mouser may have taken a prank on Jacob Bertrand too far. 

'Cobra Kai' Season 5 star Mary Mouser stares down prank victim Jacob Bertrand
Jacob Bertrand and Mary Mouser | Tina Rowden/Netflix

Mouser was one of the cast members to appear at Cobra Kai: Live and Badass on May 5. Showbiz Cheat Sheet was there to hear her story about the prank she pulled on Bertrand. Cobra Kai Season 5 premieres Sept. 9 on Netflix.

The ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 cast decided to prank Jacob Bertrand 

Apparently, by Cobra Kai Season 5, it was Bertrand’s turn to be the victim of a prank. Mouser set the scene. She was in the makeup trailer, which had two floors. The upper level was a private floor with only one chair. 

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“So I’m getting my makeup done,” Mouser said. “Me and the makeup artist are talking and I don’t remember how this started. Somebody messed with somebody else and it went through Xolo [Maridueña] and Peyton [List] and Jacob. Somebody told me, ‘We have to get Jacob really good.’ So we decided that we were going to try to scare him into thinking that I had gotten beaten. I don’t know why this was the decision. Whatever, it’s the decision we made.”

Mary Mouser led the ‘Cobra Kai’ ruse 

The prank was intended to freak Bertrand out. Then Mouser would reveal she was okay.

“We were filming season 5.” Mouser continued. “We were all working on a day. Peyton’s getting her makeup touched up in a chair right next to mine. There’s the door and there’s the chair I was in. We close the door, we make a loud bang sound and I set up my phone to record this so I have the video for later. We made a loud bang sound and a makeup artist, Jamie, ran out, ran down the stairs as if she just did something terrible. And I screamed bloody murder.”

Jacob Bertrand took this ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 prank seriously

Bertrand didn’t respond like it was a joke. He was worried about his friend so he sprung into action to do the right thing.

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“Then Jacob comes running up the stairs, he looks at me and I’m fake passed out,” Mouser said. “We planned this, so I’m fake passed out in the chair looking so dramatic. He comes up there and he’s like, ‘Oh no.’ Sweetheart Jacob immediately thinks to himself, she’s diabetic. She must be actually unconscious, and we didn’t think about that. We didn’t think it could go that wrong. He goes, ‘Oh no’ so he runs out and he grabs Peyton. He’s like somebody help me. Mary’s unconscious.”

Mouser admitted she should have thought more about what her ruse might look like. 

“I was waiting for him to get close enough to me that I could turn around and be like, ‘boo,’” Mouser said. “All of a sudden it was not funny anymore. He’s running around, he goes outside the makeup trailer and he starts yelling, he’s yelling for the crew and then Jamie the makeup artist was just sitting there cackling. Then he comes back  inside and he’s like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I have the whole thing on video. It was pretty great.”

Cobra Kai Season 5 still ended production happily. Mouser and Bertrand made up.

“To be fair, Jacob and I finished it out later, the argument back and forth and we came to good terms,” Mouser said. 

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