‘Cobra Kai’ Star Tanner Buchanan Says Robby’s Season 4 Decision Will ‘Influence the Rest of His Life’

Cobra Kai fans are anxiously awaiting season 4. Season 3 left all of the characters hanging with a major battle ahead. As the show has teased out more and more information about the new season, it only makes it sound more exciting. Tanner Buchanan, who plays Robby Keene on the show, confirmed in a recent interview that season 4 would be pivotal for his character.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for seasons 1-3 of Cobra Kai.]

Cobra Kai star Tanner Buchanan carries a bag over his shoulder
Tanner Buchanan | Bob Mahoney/Netflix

Buchanan appeared on the Just for Variety podcast on Aug. 24 to promote his Netflix movie He’s All That. When host Marc Malkin asked Buchanan about Cobra Kai Season 4, Buchanan discussed Robby’s big decision. Cobra Kai returns Dec. 31 on Netflix.

‘Cobra Kai’ Season 4 brings more drama for Tanner Buchanan and co-stars

Robby came to town the estranged son of Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). He trained with Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) to get back at his dad. When he put Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) in the hospital in a fight, Robby ended up in juvenile hall. With John Kreese (Martin Kove) taking over Cobra Kai, Robby signed up as the opponent of both his father and mentor’s dojos. 

Cobra Kai: Tanner Buchanan
Tanner Buchanan | Guy D’Alema/Netflix

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“This season the world just keeps getting bigger,” Buchanan told Malkin. “Getting bigger and bigger.  Everybody knows [Terry] Silver’s back. Everybody’s wanted that for a long time. He was, specifically in the third movie, he was pretty crazy but this season the world’s bigger. I guess the thing I can say about my character is he is turning to the dark side because so many people have screwed him over in the past and he’s kind of tired of that. However, through this season, he has a lot of growing to do.”

Tanner Buchanan says Robby faces a pivotal choice 

Johnny’s Eagle Fang has teamed up with Miyagi-Do to face Cobra Kai in the All-Valley Karate Tournament. The loser agrees to stop teaching Karate in the San Fernando. Those are big stakes, but there are also personal relationships at stake. Robby was in love with Samantha LaRusso (Mary Mouser), who has rekindled things with Miguel. At some point in season 4, Robby’s going to have a choice to make. 

Cobra Kai: Tanner Buchanan and Mary Mouser
Tanner Buchanan and Mary Mouser | Guy D’Alema/Netflix

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But I feel like this season is the moment specifically in his life where this is where he’s going to decide what road he’s going to take. What road is he going to take and it’s kind of going to influence the rest of his life. He does make that decision. He has two ways he could kind of go and he makes that decision by the end. And it was very exciting to explore all that because there was a bunch of things I was trying to mess with through the entire season. What word do I want to use? I’m interested to see where the next portion of his life goes because I think this was a big learning season for him. I’m excited for people to see that and connect to that. 

Tanner Buchanan, Just for Variety podcast, 8/24/21

‘Cobra Kai’ can’t go on forever 

Malkin also asked Buchanan how many seasons he thinks Cobra Kai will go on. Netflix has already ordered season 5, but Buchanan points out that every season still takes place in 2019, when the series premiered. 

I was trying to do the math the other day. I mean, I would do it forever but I think I’m 17. Everyone else is 16. However, I do think in season 3, we’re still in 2019 so we’re currently two years behind current time. It’s hard to do the math on it because you kind of think the whole idea is it’s an under 18, that’s what drove everything. Everything’s under 18 Karate tournament. So by the time we turn 18, maybe who knows? I need to talk to the writers and see where they’re going. Maybe we’re going to join the UFC. I don’t know. 

Tanner Buchanan, Just for Variety podcast, 8/24/21

Source: Just for Variety podcast