‘Cobra Kai’: William Zabka, Ralph Macchio Pick Their Favorite Scenes

Karate Kid fans probably all have their favorite scenes from Cobra Kai. The Netflix hit pays off all the movies. Cobra Kai stars William Zabka and Ralph Macchio have their own favorite scenes since they have been playing Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso respectively since the 1984 movie. 

'Cobra Kai': William Zabka and Ralph Macchio wear their red and white gis in the locker room
L-R: William Zabka and Ralph Macchio | Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix

Zabka and Macchio spoke with Awards Radar in a video interview published June 14. When host Steven Prusakowski asked their favorite Cobra Kai scenes, Zabka and Macchio each had different answers. Cobra Kai Season 5 premieres Sept. 9.

William Zabka loves this ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 1 scene for Johnny Lawrence 

Cobra Kai began when Johnny tried to reopen his dojo 30 years later. He wanted to enter his students in the All-Valley Karate Tournament but had to make his case to the Board, on which Daniel sat. 

“I remember the scene, I like the scene in season 1 when I came to the Karate Board and you’re behind the table,” Zabka told Awards Radar. “Johnny’s trying to get Cobra Kai back inducted and Daniel’s like, ‘No, you don’t know who’s connected to this guy.’ Johnny’s sincerely trying to change and that speech, that kind of sets off where he’s coming from. I love that scene, I love the way it was written, I love the way it was shot, just the disjointedness of it.”

Lots of ‘Cobra Kai’ scenes are a close second for William Zabka

However, once Zabka picked the All-Valley Karate Tournament Board scene, he thought of many more from the series. Cobra Kai gave him many memorable moments. 


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“How do you pick one?” Zabka asked. “We’ve done 50 episodes of this now so there’s so many great moments with the young cast and with Elisabeth Shue who came back and with my original Cobra Kais, the scene where we went to Big Bear, and we had that moment, that was super special. Ralph and I have had some really tasty things to do, in comedy, drama, fighting and action. So it would be really hard to pick one but that one in season 1 sticks out, probably because it was the launching season. It kind of set the tone for it.”

Ralph Macchio’s favorite scene is personal to Daniel LaRusso

Macchio picked a pivotal scene for both Daniel and Cobra Kai as a series. Daniel talks about Mr. Miyagi’s teachings all the time, but having Daniel visit Miyagi’s grave was important to Macchio.

“It’s also about, that episode 5 in season 1 is sort of the first time in that season where it felt the most Karate Kid to me as far as the heart and the soul because Miyagi was the soul of the original film,” Macchio said. “So connecting to that was another level movement. So many, so many. Too many to name because some working with the kids is incredible, the whole ensemble.”