Cody Calafiore Admits Derrick Levasseur ‘Influenced’ His Game for ‘Big Brother 22’

Most houseguests had something to prove coming back for Big Brother 22. That was definitely the case for Cody Calafiore. He got a lot of flack for bringing the wrong person with him in Big Brother 16. He now admits Derrick Levaseur influenced his game for the all-star season.

Cody Calafiore lost to Derrick Levasseur in ‘Big Brother 16’

Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur on 'Big Brother'
Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur on ‘Big Brother’ | Lisette M. Azar/CBS via Getty Images

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Cody worked with Derrick and they formed “The Hitmen” alliance. They did a good job of secretly working together. The finale came down to Cody winning the final Head of Household (HOH) competition.

He had the tough job of choosing between Victoria Rafaeli and Derrick. Cody decided to stay loyal and take Derrick to the final two. But that was a mistake.

Most people credited Derrick for their success because he was focused on strategy. So Derrick won with the vote of 7-2.

Cody had to make another tough decision for ‘Big Brother 22’

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Cody played an almost perfect game in Big Brother 22. He won three HOH competitions and four Power of Veto competitions. He also was a member of the dominant alliance, The Committee.

He had final two deals with Enzo Palumbo and Nicole Franzel. All three of them made it to the final three. Cody won the last HOH competition again and had to make the tough decision of who he’ll sit next to in front of the jury.

“It’s so hard,” Cody said. “I mean I feel like I played this game from the second I walked in here with the both of you. I had that same thing with [Enzo.] And so although it was such a blessing to have the both of you in this final two it almost–this is horrible like to do this to one of you guys. But Nicole, I’m so sorry.”

Luckily, he made the right decision this time. Cody won with the vote of 9-0 against Enzo.

Cody said Derrick influenced his game

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He said his game in the past wasn’t strategy driven and he relied on Derrick for strategy. “Now I saw on the other end what information coming in and processing it is like. And that’s when I felt like I would find information in Big Brother 16, bring it back to Derrick,” he told ET Canada. “We would talk about it, and he would process it like a computer.”

He said this season he played more like Derrick. “I would have my relationships and when information would come to me and I would process it in ways that I was absolutely not doing on 16,” the winner said.

Cody said he would think to moments of Derrick in the past and how he would process similar situations and then “mirror” his moves. “He did influence my game,” he said. It looks like that paid off because Calafiore got the win.