‘Five Feet Apart’ Star Cole Sprouse on the “Nature of Love”

Cole Sprouse – widely known for his longtime run on Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Riverdalecurrently stars in Five Feet Apart. Five Feet Apart follows Will (Sprouse) and Stella ( Haley Lu Richardson), as they battle a common illness – cystic fibrosis – and begin to fall in love.

Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson
Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson | Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Due to their illness, Will and Stella have to remain a safe distance apart; however, as their bond grow stronger, the desire to push the rules aside and embrace their attraction intensifies.

Cole Sprouse, during an interview with Film Is Now, discussed Five Feet Apart, the dynamic between Stella and Will, and what it means to fall for someone you cannot touch. He stated:

“I think the movie is really a question about the nature of love and social formation without touch. I think that’s really the bigger abstract…But, you know, the elevator pitch I would say is  – two kids are living within a set of rules defined by cystic fibrosis and find love and grapple with their own youthfulness within that set of rules.”

Film Is Now

Cole Sprouse, admittedly a fan of the romance genre, was drawn to Five Feet Apart’s “beacon of hope,” according to People Magazine.

Cole Sprouse the hopeless romantic

Though starring in several comedy roles as a child, Sprouse has since ventured into the more dramatic realm. Speaking on behalf of Five Feet Apart, Cole Sprouse told People magazine:

“I’m a huge fan of the romance genre. I’m always swept away within that sort of thing. I grew up reading Japanese romance manga for young girls — at the time, it was for young girls but I made it my own. So, I’ve always kind of had this fondness for that genre in general. Also, we wanted this movie to feel sort of like a beacon of hope, and not feel debilitating. We’re certainly pulling on the heart strings, but we had curated the script and the performances in a way to make it feel hopeful, which we found quite important for the CF community and not just for the audience.”


Cole Sprouse’s passion for this project is apparent in the way he discusses the film. Five Feet Apart presented Sprouse with an opportunity to communicate a sense of hope for the cystic fibrosis community, and for all others watching as well. Note: If you see this one in theaters, you’re going to need a box of tissues; however, its equal parts heartbreaking and inspiring. So, prepare for happy and sad tears.

How Cole Sprouse prepared for ‘Five Feet Apart’

Cole Sprouse lost 25 pounds to portray a young boy with cystic fibrosis. According to an interview with People Magazine, Sprouse wanted to guarantee that his portrayal was as accurate as possible.

Sprouse reported that the cast was lucky enough to work with medical professionals “extremely trained in cystic fibrosis” and “patients themselves,” according to People Magazine.

From a nutritiona regimen designed to embody the physical limitations that accompany the illness to learning about the illness from those most informed, Cole Sprouse delivers one of his best performances to date.

What’s next for Cole Sprouse?

Cole Sprouse will continue to star on Riverdale as Jughead Jones, and according to the young actor, the show will pay tribute to Luke Perry in an upcoming episode. However, he was unable to provide additional details.

Aside from Riverdale, Cole Sprouse does not seem to have any other projects on board, according to IMDb; however, here’s to hoping the actor continues to stretch his muscles within the romantic and dramatic genres.