‘Constantine’ Reboot Coming to HBO Max, But Without Keanu Reeves or Matt Ryan

John Constantine is returning to TV. DC Comics’ glum sorcerer-detective is getting another shot at solving paranormal mysteries on a new platform.

Though the character’s first foray into the live-action world was through Keanu Reeves, — and later Matt Ryan — Constantine is spinning in a fresh direction. Prepare to see more exorcisms, magic, and demonic drama.

Matt Ryan and Harold Perrineau in 'Constantine'
‘Constantine’ pilot episode with Harold Perrineau as Manny, Matt Ryan as John Constantine | Quantrell Colbert/NBC

HBO Max green lights ‘Constantine’ series with J.J. Abrams

Fans were bummed when NBC canceled the Constantine TV series back in 2015, leaving loose ends and a newfound fondness for Matt Ryan’s portrayal. Before Ryan picked up the mantle, Keanu Reeves played the occultist antihero in a 2005 Warner Bros. film.

Now, according to Deadline, HBO Max is developing a TV series in partnership with J.J. Abrams and Guy Bolton that’s being described as a “dark reboot.” This version of the story will feature a younger Constantine in London and a diverse lead.

Ryan recently revived the character in The CW’s Arrowverse for its epic crossover event, “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” That showing eventually reunited Ryan’s Constantine with another fan favorite from the comics, Lucifer. Tom Ellis popped over from Netflix’s Lucifer show to help the detective out, and many fans would love to see more of their tag-team action.

It’s too early to tell if any other DC heroes and villains will cross into this HBO Max series, but viewers are hoping for big things from Abrams’ team.

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Keanu Reeves is said to be down for a ‘Constantine’ film sequel

In other news, rumors about a Constantine movie sequel have been buzzing for years, and in 2020, one actor seemingly confirmed that one is on the way.

John Stormare, who played Lucifer, posted a photo on Instagram of himself in costume with a caption that read, “Sequel in the works.” Nothing’s been confirmed, but Reeves expressed interest in bringing the character back.

During the Comic-Con at Home event in 2020, he appeared on the Constantine reunion panel and revealed that ideas were brewing for a possible sequel. It’s just a matter of getting a studio on board.

Producer Akiva Goldsman, director Francis Lawrence, and Reeves would love to do a true R-rated follow-up to the original. That means more action, more demons, and more horror. They also joked about putting a Jesus Christ character in a new installment. The one thing Reeves said he wouldn’t try is Constantine’s British accent and blonde ‘do.

HBO Max is working on ‘Green Lantern’ too

Constantine isn’t the only DC Comics property that HBO Max plans to reboot. In October 2020, Variety reported that WarnerMedia ordered 10 episodes of a Green Lantern series helmed by Berlanti Productions.  

The show will focus on the entire Green Lantern clan and is set to feature Sinestro and the OG Alan Scott. One of the series’ writers penned the first Green Lantern film and also worked on Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. There’s no word on whether Ryan Reynolds plans to grace the small screen in this version.

Fans should stay tuned for more updates from DC and WarnerMedia to learn which other heroes are coming to the small screen.