Content to Make Your Friends and Family Stan SuperM

For anyone looking to get their friends or family into K-pop, SuperM is the way to go. The seven-member group debuted in October 2019 with Capitol Records and SM Entertainment. Known as the “Avengers of K-pop,” all seven members originally debuted in already established groups. This means that if one successfully convinces their friends and family to stan SuperM, they have a good chance of convincing them to stan Shinee, EXO, and NCT too.

SuperM | Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Capitol Music Group

Start with SuperM’s group trailer

SuperM has seven members: Baekhyun, Taemin, Kai, Taeyong, Ten, Lucas, and Mark. All of the members previously debuted with another group under SM Entertainment, and they were selected to join SuperM due to their immense skill. As a result, SuperM is made up of some of the best K-pop artists in the industry and functions as a super group.

To promote SuperM, SM Entertainment released a series of trailers. Each member had an individual trailer where they displayed some sort of superpower. SM Entertainment then released a group trailer for SuperM. This is a great starting point for introducing someone to the band as it gives a brief introduction of each member.

SuperM’s first single is titled ‘Jopping’

“Jopping” is the song where it all began. The group released their first album on Oct. 4, 2019. The EP is titled SuperM: The 1st Mini Album, and “Jopping” serves as a lead single.

The septet also released a music video for “Jopping,” and the music video takes on the same futuristic feel as the band members’ individual trailers. Upbeat and catchy, “Jopping” also gives each member a chance to shine as they showcase their singing, rapping, and dancing skills.

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‘I Can’t Stand the Rain’ is a stellar song

While “Jopping” is the lead single from the band’s EP, “I Can’t Stand the Rain” is the standout song from their album. Each performance of “I Can’t Stand the Rain” showcases that every member of SuperM is a triple threat in dancing, singing and rapping, and their visuals.

SuperM performed their first concert in Los Angeles on Oct. 5, 2019 and opened with “I Can’t Stand the Rain.” To help someone become a fan of the group, show them the group’s first ever “I Can’t Stand the Rain” performance.

Super took a friendship test

On Feb. 6, 2020, Glamour posted a video of SuperM taking a friendship test. The video is not only hilarious, but it also shows how much the friendship between the members has grown since their 2019 debut. While some of the members have always been close, they became closer after debuting in SuperM together. In particular, the senior members Kai, Baekhyun, and Taemin have become close with the younger members Ten, Taeyong, Mark, and Lucas.

In the friendship test video, Baekyun is paired up with Taeyong, Kai and Mark are partners, and Lucas, Taemin, and Ten are put in a group. Together, they completed a series of exercises including hugging each other for one minute, giving each other compliments, and mirroring each other’s dance moves.

Glamour’s friendship test is a great video that gives an in-depth look at the members’ personalities and the dynamic of the group. Combined with showing friends and family the band’s music, the friendship test is a surefire way to convince someone to stan SuperM.