ContraPoints Has Played These Musicians in Quarantine 3 Hours a Day

ContraPoints is a famous YouTuber who’s been dealing with the quarantine in an interesting way. She’s been playing music by two artists every day for hours. Here’s what she had to say about these artists — in addition to music in general.

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ContraPoints has been using these musicians as a replacement love life

ContraPoints is a YouTuber who generally discusses political topics — though she often analyzes aesthetics as well. During an interview with Falling for Beer, she gave fans a look into her personal life. This included a look at her love of music.

In the interview, ContraPoints mentioned owning a piano where she plays for three hours daily in quarantine. What has she been playing? “[Now] I just sit around playing [Johann Sebastian] Bach and [Franz] Schubert,” she said. “That’s what I like. And that’s honestly kind of saved me, I think, the last month or two. I mean it’s not a replacement for a love life, but it sort of is. That’s what it’s been to me.”

A collection of Franz Schubert pieces

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How has that music been like a love life to her? “I feel like music is kind of—it has some kind of emotional affinity with romance,” She revealed. “Especially Schubert, which I love to play. It’s like the expression of this unfulfilled longing. This music written by this little blind incel in the early 19th century. And I don’t know, I just feel like Schubert gets me. Like he just gets what it’s about to be a human. And it just makes you feel less alone, because you’re connected to it. I don’t write my own music…. I feel like I’m with Schubert. It’s very romantic.”

The music ContraPoints has been crying to

ContraPoints is interested in modern music as well. She said she likes the music on PC Music, an avant-garde record label, as well as music producer Sophie. In addition, she’s been listening to jazz legend Billie Holiday. She listens to this music while lying in bed and weeping. It wasn’t clear if she cries because Holiday’s music is sometimes sad or because of her personal circumstances. Elsewhere in the interview, ContraPoints said she finds it difficult to be famous.

“Summertime” by Billie Holiday

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The importance of music in politics

ContraPoints has also discussed music in a political context. In an interview with Current Affairs, Nathan J. Robinson discussed the use of pageantry in politics. She rhetorically asked why people were so politically engaged in the 1960s. She said people were politically engaged because of the rock n’ roll music of the era — some of which was very political. In addition, she said people would have been more politically engaged back in 2015 if there was a left-wing activist equivalent of Jimi Hendrix at the time. ContraPoints has had a lot to say about music — but two artists are taking up hours of her day.