‘Cosmic Love’: Meet the Cast of Prime Video’s New Reality Dating Series


  • In Cosmic Love, singles turn to astrology to find their perfect match. 
  • The show’s cast includes four people representing the different elements – fire, water, earth, and air – who will search for their ideal spouse from among a group of 16 other singles.  
  • Cosmic Love premieres August 12 on Prime Video. 

Twenty singles turn to the stars to find love in Prime Video’s new reality dating series Cosmic Love. In the show, four people representing the different elements – fire, water, earth, and air – will mix and mingle with 16 other singles in an attempt to find their ideal mate.

Astrological experts help four singles find their perfect match in ‘Cosmic Love’ 

Cosmic Love is a unique social experiment that will see four people attempt to find their perfect spouse with the help of some astrological matchmaking. The adventure takes place at a retreat run by a mystical guide called the Astro Chamber (voiced by Cree Summer). The four elements are joined by 16 singles. Together, the group will mix, mingle, match, and date. Along the way, the four elements will get guidance on finding their perfect mate (via the Astro Chamber) from Ophira and Tali Edut, best-selling astrologers known as the Astro Twins.

All 10 episodes of Cosmic Love will be available to stream on August 12 on Prime Video. 

These four people are searching for love on the reality dating series 

Maria in the Astro Chamber in an episode of 'Cosmic Love'
Maria from ‘Cosmic Love’ | Amazon Studios

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Four singles are searching the stars for their happily ever after on Cosmic Love.

Maria Rodriguez is a Capricorn and the show’s Earth Element. A 28-year-old New York native, she’s a professional makeup artist who owns several successful businesses. Maria is fiercely loyal to her family and her roots in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. A true Capricorn, she’s also a planner with a take-charge style. Will she be able to let go and let the Astro Chamber guide her to her perfect match?

Phoebe Davis is a Leo and Cosmic Love’s Fire Element. This 28-year-old San Diegan is an entrepreneur, model, and fitness competitor. She runs a marketing business and is dedicated to inspiring women to love their bodies, overcome adversity, and embrace personal growth. Phoebe has been burned by love in the past, and as a fire sign, she’ll have to avoid the trap of flaming out with potential matches on the show. 

Connor Shennan is a Gemini and Air Element. He’s a 27-year-old wildland firefighter from Phoenix who likes to consider all his options before making a decision. This Michigan native’s hope is that he’ll find his “twin flame” during his time on Cosmic Love. 

Noel Allen is a Pisces and represents the Water Element. He’s a 31-year-old personal trainer and nutrition coach from Tampa. A romantic Renaissance man, he’s looking to settle down and start a family with the woman of his dreams. But on the flip side, he also wants his freedom. Will Noel’s typical Pisces contradictions drive the women on the show crazy, or will he find the one? 

Meet the rest of the ‘Cosmic Love’ cast 

The 'Cosmic Love' cast standing around a bonfire
‘Cosmic Love’ | Amazon Studios

Maria, Phoebe, Connor, and Noel will search for their match among a group of 16 singles. They are: 

  • Adrianna Raphaela, a 25-year-old Sagittarius who is a molecular biologist, model, and actress 
  • Ana Miranda, a 29-year-old Pisces from San Diego who works as a bartender and bottle service waitress.
  • Caleb McDonnell, a 28-year-old Pisces who was raised in Ireland and now works as a real estate agent in Florida.  
  • Christopher Jones, a 29-year-old Sagittarius and law student at the University of Pennsylvania. 
  • Christopher J. Essex, a 26-year-old Pisces, is a musician and actor who lives in Nashville. 
  • Chris Ragusa, a 27-year-old Leo, works as an engineer and lives in Florida. 
  • Danae DeSpain, a 32-year-old Leo who grew up in Oregon and now lives out of a suitcase as she travels the world. 
  • Darren Hopes, a 26-year-old Scorpio and Realtor from Houston.
  • David Christopher, a 34-year-old Aquarius from LA who is the CEO of his own streaming TV network. 
  • Jasmine Rodulfo, a 24-year-old Cancer from Dallas who works as a social media marketer.
  • Javier McIntosh, a 33-year-old Capricorn from Atlanta who owns a video production company.
  • Jazmin Potts, a 27-year-old Gemini who works as a stylist and lives in Orlando.  
  • Morgan Raphael, a 29-year-old Virgo from Chicago who is committed to wellness and self-improvement.
  • Phillip Newhard, a 29-year-old Capricorn and real estate investor who splits his time between New York City and Cape Cod. 
  • Theresa Vongkhamchanh, a 30-year-old Scorpio who lives in Nashville and works as a social media manager for local beauty and wellness brands. 
  • Yana Orlova, a 29-year-old Aquarius from Ukraine who works in the nightlife industry in NYC.

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