‘Cosmic Love’: Phil Freaks Out When Phoebe ‘Friend-Zones’ Him [Exclusive Clip]

Can you trust the stars to guide you to true love? The cast of Prime Video’s new reality dating series Cosmic Love is giving it a shot as they turn to a mystical guide called the Astro Chamber for help finding their perfect match. But the process isn’t without its bumps. In an exclusive clip shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, one of the show’s singles begins to question whether he can trust astrology to lead him to the right woman. 

Four singles turn to astrology to find their match in ‘Cosmic Love’

Phoebe smiling at Phil in an episode of Prime Video's 'Cosmic Love'
Phoebe Davis in ‘Cosmic Love’ | Amazon Studios

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In Cosmic Love, four singles attempt to find their perfect spouse with the help of some astrological matchmaking. Each represents one of the four Elements. Phoebe Davis, 28, is a Leo and Fire Element. Maria Rodriguez, 28, is a Capricorn and Earth Element. Connor Shennan, 27, is a Gemini and Air Element. And Noel Allen, 31, is a Pisces and Water Element

Phoebe, Maria, Connor, and Noel will mix and mingle with 16 other singles at a retreat run by the Astro Chamber (voiced by Cree Summer). She’ll steer the Elements toward their ideal mate, relying on guidance from Ophira and Tali Edut, best-selling astrologers known as the Astro Twins. Ultimately, the Elements will have to decide whether to marry their astrological match.

Phil questions the ‘Cosmic Love’ process in exclusive clip

Each of the Elements is astrologically compatible with four of the 16 singles at the retreat. But just because the stars align doesn’t mean there will be fireworks. In a clip from Cosmic Love, Phil, one of the 16 singles, expresses some serious reservations about Phoebe – and the entire concept of astrological matchmaking. 

“There’s absolutely not one doubt in my mind that Phoebe is ego-tripping,” Phil Newhard, a Capricorn who works as a real estate investor, says in a confessional. “I want to follow the stars at this cosmic compound. I actually want to follow my astrological sign and be true to the process. But this girl friend-zones me? Now I’m pissed. It’s not something that flies with me.”

Chris R. tries to reassure Phil

Phil continues to vent his frustrations over Phoebe in a one-on-one conversation with another of the show’s singles, Chris Ragusa. Chris R. tries to explain to Phil that Phoebe’s behavior is all about her unique Leo energy.  

“For me, as a Leo, me and Phoebe are kind of on the same page,” Chris R. says. “I know where she’s coming from with certain things. We have high egos, dude.”

Still, he understands why Phil is frustrated by Phoebe’s apparent lack of interest in him. 

“I would get mad like you did too,” he says.

Meanwhile, Phil has decided he isn’t going to waste energy trying to win over Phoebe if she’s not interested. 

“Now she’s gotta pursue me,” Phil says.   

Find out what happens with Phil, Phoebe, and the rest of the Cosmic Love cast when the show premieres August 12 on Prime Video. 

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