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The first season of You really blew up once it made its way to Netflix, and set Twitter aflame. So it’s no wonder that Season 2, which was picked up by the streaming site, was as highly anticipated as it was. If you know how the first season ended, you know that Joe got into a lot of mess back in New York City that resulted in kidnapping, his infamous glass box, and a few murders. Because of that, he started over in Los Angeles… and still got into the same types of messes. But could a dead character actually spell the end to Joe’s lifestyle? Possibly. Spoilers for You Season 2 ahead.

Penn Badgley is Joe Goldberg in Netflix's 'YOU.'
Penn Badgley is Joe Goldberg in Netflix’s ‘YOU’ | Tyler Golden/Netflix

Joe’s relationship with Love Quinn jeopardized a lot of people, including Forty Quinn

To quickly recap, Joe was infatuated with Beck in Season 1 and was able to maneuver his way into her life, making himself the perfect boyfriend. When in actuality, he stalked her to the point where he was able to make situations go in his favor. But, they weren’t well-matched and she wasn’t the perfect girl he had created in his head. Due to this, she drifted away from Joe and caused him to turn his murderous tendencies on her. 

With Beck dead, Dr. Nicky framed for her death, and Candace on Joe’s tail, he moved to LA and started a brand new life. He, of course, falls “in love” with Love Quinn and starts his obsessive stalking all over again. Although, this time, he’s equally matched because Love has a couple murderous secrets too. Due to Joe’s relationship with Love, innocent people are affected like Delilah and her little sister Ellie. Not to mention, Forty Quinn (Love’s brother) dies when he finds out Joe’s truths. 

Forty was working on a screenplay about Beck‘s death and knew Joe did it

Forty is an aspiring screenwriter and even though he had a lot of misses, all it takes is a good story to get him started. He lacks a muse, so when he finds Beck’s post-humorous novel, he decides that’s the screenplay he wants to adapt. This leads to Forty stealing Joe away and locking them in a hotel room until they finish the script. 

There are drugs and hilarious trip-scenes involved, but basically, Forty has a breakthrough with the script. He seeks out Dr. Nicky in jail and pieces together what Joe did. This leads to him confronting Joe and Love at Anavrin with a gun, leading to his death because Officer Fincher came in on the scene.

Did he leave his movie — and his findings — to someone else to expose Joe? 

So, Forty is gone which gets rid of one more person who knows Joe’s a killer. However, what if he left his script to someone? Elite Daily explains a theory that Forty’s script could bring Joe down. Ellie is forced to flee to Florida, but she knew that script well. And now that she has something against Joe, could she piece together what Forty did?

If Forty finished the script with the point of view of the boyfriend killing Beck, it would be bad news for Joe. Even if Ellie doesn’t connect that it’s Joe as the killer boyfriend, having people see the movie will help them piece it together.

Forty and Joe talk after their massive night of writing and rolling, 'YOU.'
Forty and Joe talk after their massive night of writing and rolling, ‘YOU’ | Tyler Golden/Netflix

Beck was well-liked and had a friend group that consisted of well-connected people. Even though Peach is gone, if Annika or Lynn saw the movie, they would see that Joe is the obsessive boyfriend in the script. And if Forty finished it to the point where it was obvious that the boyfriend (aka Joe) killed Beck, they would spread that info fast. 

It’s a pretty solid theory that would give Joe the comeuppance he deserves. And with the series guaranteed another season, it might just happen.