‘Counting On’: Abbie Duggar Reveals She Sympathizes With Jana Duggar’s Love Life: ‘I Felt the Same Way’

Counting On fans and family friends have been bugging Jana Duggar about her relationship status since she turned 18. As the oldest Duggar daughter, many thought she would be the first of her sisters to walk down the aisle, yet she remains unmarried. But Abbie Duggar recently revealed that she sympathizes with Jana in terms of the constant questions — and that she once felt the same way.

Jana Duggar with John's wife, Abbie
Abbie Duggar and Jana Duggar | Jana Duggar via Instagram

Jana Duggar recently opened up about what it’s like being 30 and unmarried

Jana has chosen not to get married as a young adult. In the Duggar family, it’s common for the kids to wed by the time they’re in their early twenties. Some have even wed as teenagers. Still, despite the “norm” of getting married at a young age, Jana chose not to follow that same path. Now, she’s 30 and still unmarried, and while that’s normal in mainstream culture, the Duggars don’t work the same way — leading many in Jana’s social circle to question why she hasn’t tied the knot.

In a recent episode of Counting On, Jana took a trip to Knoxville, Tennessee with John and Abbie Duggar. And when Jana and Abbie took some time to go to the salon, Jana opened up about what it’s like to constantly be asked about her relationship status. “Sometimes it gets a little old,” she said. But when asked directly if she wanted to be in a courtship, she revealed that she “wouldn’t mind it,” despite that she’s enjoyed her time being single.

Abbie Duggar revealed that she sympathizes with Duggar’s single life

While Abbie and Jana were at the salon, Abbie also revealed that she understands what Jana is going through in terms of people constantly berating her about her love life. Abbie married John when she was 27, which, surprisingly, is considered a bit “older” in the Duggars’ social and church circles.

“I can kind of relate [to Jana] just because I was the oldest single kid left in my house,” Abbie said. “I had younger siblings getting married, and I was still just left up at the top, plugging away at life.” Abbie also said that she knew she was ready to marry John after only knowing him for a week.

Jana Duggar’s relationship status has always intrigued fans

Over the years, fans have become increasingly interested in why Jana hasn’t started courting, leading to some interesting rumors. Some have suspected that Jana’s parents, Michelle and Jim Bob, don’t want their daughter to court because she helps so much with the family. Others have questioned whether she is secretly attracted to other women, even suggesting she’s in love with her best friend, Laura DeMasie. Jana has shut down any rumors of the sort.

Ultimately, people don’t need to know why Duggar hasn’t started courting. Duggar said that it simply hasn’t been in “God’s timing” to meet someone yet, but that she’s confident it will happen someday